A few thoughts for the Caretaker.

I have just re-newed my tickets and I am looking forward to a new year. I sit in Box C and of course paid much more than I did last year. I do not mind so much, as I am a Ti-Cat fan, and will never miss a game, regardless. The price increases are indeed a little tough to take, but let's be honest, we as CFL fans have paid very little for great Football for many years. I purchased my tickets before the early-bird deadline, so it is not too bad. One caveat however, is that the club should not push it too much! I do not mind paying more, as the CFL is a different league, with different finances, but there will be a point where enough is enough. Ivor Wynne is great Stadium, but alot of people in Hamilton will not come out if it becomes too 'pricey'. Additionally, myself and alot of people I talk to are tired of paying top dollar and not getting any kind of service at the concessions. Most people would tell you that there is no reason for fans to be lined up for beer and food half the game, only to get to the front of the line and witness first-hand total ineptitude, and inefficiency. I hate missing any part of the game so I often look for someone selling beer in the stands. I have gone almost entire seasons without seeing anyone selling anything in the stands, never mind beer. I think I saw a beer vendor 3 times all of last year. I am not kidding! I would think that if you sent enough people out, that I might see someone by accident more than 3 or 4 times, but no. Perhaps there should be servers in the Platinum seats, that take orders, and even provide a menu to order from. I went to a Blue Jay's game last year with a friend and sat in my companys seats. We had a young attractive female serving us, and needless to say I spent alot of money that night, and had a great time. C'mon Ti-Cats, lets improve those concessions.

i have a solution for your problems. i will sell beer in the stands and watch the game! i would get payed for watching the tiger-cats!

I've been a season ticket holder for 20 years and the concessions during the Bob years have been without a doubt the worst(and i mean not even close,if it were a 100 metre race all other runners would be finnished and this company would still be on the start line)
but complaining about it seams to fall on deaf ears,I have read(in the forms) and heard(at the games)more bad comments about the concessions than I have about coaching, managment and players combined

yet this company remains and we have gone through 3 coaches,3 or 4 GMs and a multitude of(this guy is gonna be the differace) players
I no longer purchase food from the concessions, I make sure that I have a good meal before I go to the games and I am able to watch the whole game

As for the seat service with the stadium layout of 50 seats per row, and the rows being so close that if your taller than 6 feet your knees are meer centimetres from the person in front of you this is just not possible

click here to understand why

the Tiger Cats gave this company a 10 year contract.

The Tiger Cats would be wise to assign
somebody to monitor the concessions

to make sure the manager is not short-staffing
to create a greater profit for the company.

At one time they did monitor the concessions
and they found out that there was nobody
available to keep supplies from running out

when staff was too busy serving customers.

Filling up the mustard dispensers
and relish an ketchup compartments

Opening up the potato chips boxes
and stocking popcorn on the shelves.


We can all help by observing
and informing the Ticats
about problems that we see.

As long as we are specific
about WHERE we saw the problem

the Ticats can do something about it.

We can all help by observing and informing the Ticats about problems that we see.
thats my point there has been a multitude of complaints on this web site as i'm sure that there have been plenty directly to the cats and by my experience and those in the section around me the [b]service and quality [/b]at the concessions has only gotten worse

I talked Chris Dean when he was Ticat CEO.

He got things straightened out, then,
but the Ticats have to remain vigilant.

His interns were working so hard
to correct these problems.

They were frustrated because
they didn't have specifics
about WHERE the problems were

so they couldn't do much about it.

He finally got people to monitor
the concessions during games.

Staff was busy serving customers
and supplies were running out.

The concessions were short staffed.

They needed more staff to serve customers,

and others to fill up mustard dispensers

and re-stock the chips, relish an ketchup etc.

The bigger the profit the company made
the better the manager looked.

I talked Chris Dean when he was Ticat CEO.

He got things straightened out, then,
but the Ticats have to remain vigilant

well he must have missed my section because there has never been an improvement in my experiences
maybe I expect too much,like Hot dogs and Cold beer

but that is neither here nor there,we will not agree on this subject
so I will leave this as my last post on this particular topic

HI BOB, hope the winter is going well for you and your family. Keep fighting the good fight.

Swordfish, what Chris Dean straightened out,
at that time, was the under-staffing situation

I didn't mean that service was 1,000% better.

There will never be a solution
to all the concession problems,

no matter how many staff
Compass has on hand,

especially, the problem of
handling the half-time rush.

That's why fans who want better service
need to complain constructively

by pointing out in what location,
a specific problem occurred.


If I decide to eat at a game I come early.

The hot dogs are hot and the beer is cold,

but that's just me.