A few surprises

From Herb-The Snap- T.J.Hill and Jerome Haywood have been released; other released are: Keith Goddong,Jolloh,Pruitt, Jonathan Ordway and Keith Williams. Hill is the "biggest" surprise.

Richardson,Samuels and Hunt are all back. Short retirement for Hunt.


Well that sure is a surprise.........I thought Hill was one of our better defenders last season....oh well I trust the team knows what they're doing. Perhaps this means we can now move Reggie Hunt out of the middle put him back in his natural position, assuming we have someone to take over at MLB........anyone know who played MLB in the game against the Argos?

Nice having Richardson, Samuels, and Hunt all back.

Haywood's name is still on the roster...Hill's name is gone.

Haywood is no longer on the roster.


It also says Chip Cox will be moved to Linebacker, its pretty interesting so far, I hope they know what they're doing, because I also thought Hill was one of the best defenders last season

I don't think Chip Cox will make this team.
However, I've been wrong before.

Get serious! Not only will Chip Cox make the team he will excell in this position. Do you think for a second that the Als would cut Hill-before end of preseason- without knowing that they had someone better in Cox. At the beginning of training camp Jim Popp said that Cox will be tried at LB. It's not as if Hill was making twice as Cox and they would want to save money; it's the opposite. Cox is/was making much more than Hill.

This decision will be twofold: Cox will be an improvement over Hill and the DB to replace Cox will be better than Cox was as DB. 3 of the following DB-excl.CB-will/should be part of the 46 player roster. Jerald Brown,De'Audre Dix,Billy Parker and Stanford Samuels.


Both these releases are very surprising.

Hill was one of our better defenders last season, a good heir to the Strickland tweener LB type. Cox had better pan out at LB or this move is going to look really bad for Burke.

I know Haywood had some kind of persistent neck injury, which may have contributed to his release. My only question is: who fills his shoes now at DT?

Darrell Campbell will replace Claybrooks/Haywood. 1 of the following will be backup: Martevius Prince, Josh Thompson and Eric Wilson. The rookies-backup- are each 6 or so years younger than Wilson; he could be out,although thay he can play OL helps him.


I'll say this for Burke: at least he recognizes that Cox is crap as a DB and that his primary strength -- tackling -- makes him far more suitable to be a linebacker.

Hi Richard
You seem to object rather strenuously to my suggestion that Chip Cox might not make this team. I believe that it has become obvious that he doesn’t figure in the team’s plans as a HB and that his only chance is at LB.

The Als brought in an unusually large number of linebackers this year which would seem to indicate that some major changes are in store at that position. There are still 7 import LBs in camp not including Cox who is still listed as a DB. All of these LBs with one exception are over 200lbs while Cox is listed as 5.10 198 lbs. I believe the Als want more size from their LBs and I don’t think they would have brought in all those bodies just to end up replacing a very good linebacker (Hill) with a small body with another small body.

Just my opinion Richard and I might be wrong but we will know for sure by the end of this week.

Ideally the Als would like to get bigger at LB, but the strong side LB has to also be fast enough to pass defend and also contain QB rollouts.
I believe the Als feel Cox is a little tougher than Hill and will be better at blitzing.

Now that's a valid thought..............blitzing...............that never was Hill's strength, agreed. If Cox can play that role the way Duane Butler used to, we might be on to something here...........Butler was great at coming off the edge, often unblocked, and getting sacks (I always believed that he was better at that than Strickland was).

Cox is listed as LB on Als roster and Billy Parker now DB. Changes made this afternoon. Unless injured, Cox will be the strong side LB; his only competition is Jamaine Winborne. The Ferri,Guzman,Mohring and Staggs are not in competition with Cox.


I see that Cox is a converted DB and Winborne is a converted DB. Winbirne played S and CB when he was in the NFL. I don't know much about Cox, but from what I have read he is a pretty solid player. My own personal opinion is that Winborne will improve once he grasps the way CFL football is played. I think Cox wins the starting position but may not be starting by the end of the year. But again that is just my opinion.

So does this mean Hunt will play outside linebacker, as he should have been doing all along? And also, what the hell is going to happen at MLB? Seems like we have about 100 players vying for one position there! :wink:

If we had Hunt and Cox outside, that might work if we had a decent MLB........I've no idea who's been working out at MLB in TC, nor do I know who played there in the game against the Argos. Wonder who gets the spot tonight?

Hunt is the MLB along with Guzman, Emry and van Sichem, 2 non-imports. In Toronto Emry started, followed by Guzman.
Hunt will either be at MLB or gone.

The Als will keep 5 import LBs. If Ferri is still hurt, it will be Hunt, Guzman,Cox,Mohring and Staggs; if Ferri is OK,Staggs will be on the development roster. The startes will be Hunt,Cox and Mohring.

The non-imports will be Emry and van Sichem; Spencer is injured. The injury to Spencher may open the door to non-import Ivan Brown,DL/special team player



I see that you have the Als not keeping Jamaine Winborne. I thought he would give Cox a little competition as you can see from my last post. Any reason why he'd be cut? Isn't he backing up Cox? Who would be Cox's backup?

Winborne could be on the development roster; we /some tend to forget that only 22 imports can dress,includind 3 QB; presently Matthieu Proulx is the backup to Cox.Van Sichem could also back up.