A Few Sore Points For the Year

I would like to share a few sore points from this year, just to get it out in the open and off my chest and that will be the last of it till next year.

  1. Concessions, I sound like a broken record but I was VERY disappointed yesterday. I have resigned the fact that the food is WAY over priced. HOWEVER, I WOULD HAVE LIKED A HOT SAUGSAGE THAT WAS COOKED ALL THE WAY THROUGH, AND HOT. NOT COLD AND TASTED LIKE IT HAD BEEN AROUND FOR A WHILE. My husband went down 5 minutes before Half Time to avoid the rush, and would have at least expected a HOT FOOD ITEM.
    You need to do something about this.

  2. I was VERY disappointed on the availability of players from the 86' Grey Cup team. Thank Goodness I caught Grover yesterday late after the game. Or I would have been just devastated missing him yet again.
    Now if the team/Alumni go to all the trouble to bringing these guys back, why not set them up somewhere so the fans can have access. Some of us can't afford $75. a plate dinner ( which there is nothing wrong with that they raise a lot of good monies to help) but for what ever reason the "Fan Appreciation Day was VERY poorly advertised. I thought it was before the actual game day. Not the day before.
    Why not set the team up comfortably under tents, where the fans could line up and get autographs and pictures. I would have loved an opportunity to see Bernie, Paul, Rocky etc these were "my" guys from my "era" . In 1995 I think when the team had to do that HUGE season ticket drive, they did that, they got some of the hugest stars of the past set them under a tent with name cards( some you can't recongnize with out their numbers) and it was a blast. I got to meet the likes of Angelo Mosca, Bobby Crouse, Garney Henley, John Barrow and one of my personal favs Bernie Faloney.
    We have a rich history USE IT.

  3. One of my biggest beefs is that with the rich Alumni that we do have, what does it seem the "new" teams either shuns them or does not take advantage of the rich history of players we have. Why not have at every game and "Alum" tent, where the fans can show appreciation get to know and see the past players who have stayed around and embraced the city. Just a thought.

  4. Lastly to Lesley Stewart, I would love to see the cheerleaders start our own Alumni. We could use it to raise money for charity, get involved more in the community or just to meet the "girls" and some fellows from the past. This would be awsome to start something like this up. I know I would love to meet some of the Dorthy Hurst era girls, or just see some of the girls from the past when I cheered. I hope you could think about this and try to develop something to start up. I would be honoured and happy to help out.

I think that is it. Some of you will trash it or see some merit in what I have written.