A Few Questions/Comments for Ticats fans

1 Not sure why the tickets sales are so slow for this big rivalry playoff game . Usually the Ticats / Argols labor game is sold out very quickly and this is the same thing but with much more on the line . Right now the sales are at 22,000 with a few days to go and the labor day game had 30,000 . i do expect a big walk up crowd of maybe 2,000 and likley 2,000 more in the next few days but that only amounts to around 26,000. I am wondering if it just comes down to money ? Labour Day is a planned party every year ?

  1. Any new on Mcdaniel's injury ? I have heard he has a turf toe and it is day to day. I am crossing my fingers as they don't seem to have any decent import receivers waiting in the wings . If Bruce and /or Mann got injured they are not prepared as Thornton or Fish are not the answer . Either way . i hope they use Thigpen more in an Archie AMERSON type role of a few running plays , a few passes and the odd reverse or fake reverse .

3 . Any ideas if Jermaine Reid will start this week and if they will find a way to get Hebert in the lineup .

4 I went to the pep rally on Wednesday night and i was suprised not to se more people . I was glad to see all the key players out though. I get the impression the core fans are mostly downtown and within 5 miles of the stadium so limeridge mall was not worth the trek for some .

5 i hope Gibson has some plays reserved for this game as the play calling has not been good . I do think that we have kept the ARGOS two big weapons in check in all 3 games ( Boyd and OWEN ) and they are due to break out at least a bit .
So our offence better be ready to score soem points and move the ball .

I can help with answers to a couple of your questions:
#2. McDaniel back at practice today (Thurs.) after sitting out yesterday. Still "day-to-day." Thornton IS on the active roster but either he or Glen MacKay will likely lose out this week to Matt Carter returning from the Injured List. Fish is gone and there are no receivers remaining on the PR.
#3. Reid won't be considered a "starter" but will be one of the 5 D-linemen who rotate in and out throughout the game. Matt Kirk is done for the year and Reid's his replacement.

Slow ticket sales? Not really, this time of yr. it is a little harder to fill a stadium. Besides a lot of people are probably waiting until payday[today], to step up to the plate and buy their tickets.
Some may be waiting to see what the weather might bring this Sunday since it seems to change every 24 hrs.
Some are probably dissapointed with the BC loss. Not that I blame the team, I personally thinking the coaching staff was testing some new players, however when you pay $50.00 a shot for a ticket you want to see results.
Christmas is only some 45 days away.
Hamilton is feeling the brunt of the recession.
What ever the reason I am not to concerned, they will come and we will have a decent crowd.
I was watching some CFL classic games this wk. I think it was the 89 Eastern final in Hamilton, there was snow on the ground with people throwing snowballs.
That won't be a problem this weekened.
Sure would be nice to see a sell out and I am still hoping. We have our 6 tickets and can't wait for the game to start.
Go Cats Go!!


#1 - Im not worried about the crowd. Last year for the playoff game, with 3 days to go we were only at the 18,000 mark. The night before the game last year they updated the counter and posted 26,000. So in 3 days last year they sold around 8,000 tickets plus walk-ups on game day. Like other people have said - many people will wait til payday (which is today).
So once again, I am expecting a nice total posted on Saturday evening!

Eat em' Raw

Ticket sales will always be tough when there was only 14 days notice that we knew the game was in Hamilton.......sales start at zero don't forget. (unlike regular season when they have all year long to sell for each game)
I think sales are going well.

About the Pep rally?.........I thought attendance was really good to be quite honest

There's a "hint" of an answer to the second part of your Question #3 in this Spec Blog comment from the final day of practice on Friday:

"On defence, there are some wrinkles but nothing new personnel-wise."

I'm bringing 9 people from Toronto :slight_smile:

WOW! …and all Ticat fans I assume? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I was at the pep rally, and although I stand 6' 3" I couldn't tell the size of the overall crowd. (Maybe I could have if I was on the second level). I wished I'd thought of bringing the poster of the Ticat players cards that they gave out at the BC game. 10 of the 12 players on it were at the rally so I could have gotten their autographs. Oh well :cry: . Maybe I can get all of their autographs downtown on November 23? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: