A few Practice Photos from August 20 2013

Hope you enjoy, boys really seem to be clicking these day! GO CATS GO!!!

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Nice pics Bruce,especially like the one with you and Vinnie....the best water/ball boy in the business!!!!! How is that little cricket doing by the way????? :lol: :cowboy:

All very nice but you and the three QB's , :thup: thanks Bruce

Thanks for the pics Bruce awesome!

Hey Bruce just curious where did u go in Mac to get these picz? I am taking a group of kids tomorrow to practice and they would like to get a few picz but we are not sure where to go after practice.

You will see when you get there the Busses that bring in the players, best to leave 5min before practice ends and wait by those busses, as the players go straight from the field to the busses. Hope this helps!

8) I still can't see any pictures here !!
   Bruce, why can't you post the pics like you used to do, directly on this site, instead of on facebook  ???

Ditto. It's no biggie to me, but if you want to share the pictures, why require a facebook login?

Sorry this is how I have always posted them!