A few players will be returning from NFL

Foley was released by the Jets according to reports.

Yup... just spotted that on twitter. Foley didn't even have time for a coffee! Odd.

Right on at least for the guys I listed for whom I have some familiarity with them and their situation at whatever team is cutting them or apparently they will make; I like to compare players other teams keep in lieu of them too.

When you look at the NFL roster math thread for example in "Other Leagues," there are 10 guys in excess over those prudently required at a total of 43 players as explained.

Only 45 can be dressed per week and of these a few don't even play special teams, so unless the former CFL-er or Canadian rookie is a solid starter, situational player, or solid backup to make those 45 to dress regularly for games, it is interesting to see in the remaining 8 on each team who is being overlooked in lieu of some guys retained for quite possibly politics or pedigree though they have to have some goods to deliver to make an NFL team all the same.

Also correction below Joe McKnight was drafted in the 4th not 3rd round, which I had thought was low, but now I see what the coaches saw as weakness that has come to the surface.

If I recall correctly, Chick was at home in Wyoming when he was called by the Roughriders to come tryout for the team in 2007. He hadn't heard of the CFL, but threw his gear in the back of his pickup truck and drove up to Regina to see what would come of it. The rest, as they say, is history.

Joel Reinders cut quietly yesterday ...close but not quite if on the last day ought tell us a lot ...who has his rights if another team does not pick him up as I would think is likely?

[url=http://www.nfl.com/transactions?transactionMonth=9&transactionYear=2010&transactionTeamAbbr=&prevTransactionTeamAbbr=&prevTransactionMonth=0&prevTransactionYear=0]http://www.nfl.com/transactions?transac ... tionYear=0[/url]

He was a 2010 draft pick of the Argos.

rough day for former CFL players/draftees - Chick, Giguere, Reynauld Williams, Hefney, Stefan Logan all cut, in addition to Foley, Mallett, L. Taylor Baggs, Reinders cuts from yesterday. Greenwood wasn't in the group released by the chiefs yesterday, haven't seen if they've released anyone else today. See what happens with these guys in the next couple of days as the teams fine tune their rosters.

Could be some good news for CFL clubs and fans. I hope some of these guys don't run to the UFL though. Changing the 1+option yr deal in the new CFL bargaining agreement will make that league more appealing for players as they can leave at any time to join an NFL roster should the opportunity arise. Though that rule would immediately not make me a fan of that league. How can they convince people to pay for tickets when their top players could disappear at a moments notice? Injuries are one thing, but you're asking people to become loyal to a team with an entire roster of unloyal players. Yeesh.

when was Chick cut?

I believe you are mistaken, Chick was not cut.


The Colts on Saturday waived the following players to reach the club’s 53-player roster: DE-Ervin Baldwin, QB-Tom Brandstater, [b]DE-John Chick[/b], TE-Colin Cloherty, DT-Marlon Favorite, DB-Ray Fisher, WR-Sam Giguere, DB-Danny Gorrer, DB-Ashton Hall, WR-Brandon James, RB-Javarris James, DB-Terrail Lambert, OT-Chris Marinelli, C-Adrian Martinez, DB-Mike Newton, RB-Allen Patrick, DB-Glenn Sharpe, DB-Terrell Skinner, WR-Taj Smith, OT-Adam Terry, LB-Vuna Tuihalamaka, WR-Blair White and OT-James Williams.
That do it for ya?

ya I just saw it myself.

I'm surprised because I was hearing nothing but praise for him.

so much for that.

ok chick now come back to the Riders and sign a long term contract please!

He might still be a candidate for their PR. Find out tomorrow I think.

hope not.

I want him to come back here and be a star again.

Latest on CFL players/Canadians from TSN - the link and the story


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Canadian Brett Romberg was a casualty of the NFL's final cutdown deadline.

The six-foot-two, 293-pound backup centre had his contract terminated by the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday as NFL clubs reduced their rosters to the league-mandated 53-man limit.

Romberg, 30, was entering his second season with the Falcons. He began his NFL career signing as an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars, spending time on the practice roster before gaining promotion to the active roster.

The native of Windsor, Ont., remained with the Jaguars until 2006 before joining the St. Louis Rams. In all, he has appeared in 42 NFL games, starting 18.

Romberg enjoyed a decorated U.S. college football career at the University of Miami. He helped the Hurricanes reach two NCAA title games, winning one, and also received the Rimington Trophy as the top centre in the America college ranks before heading to the NFL.

Offensive lineman Joel Reinders, a native of Oakville, Ont., was among those waived by the Cleveland Browns. The six-foot-eight, 308-pound tackle signed as an undrafted free agent with the Browns following his college career at the University of Waterloo.

Reinders, 22, took up football after playing basketball at Waterloo and over his final two seasons there developed his football skills to the point that both the NFL and CFL took notice. The Toronto Argonauts selected Reinders in this year's Canadian college draft.

But Reinders might not be heading to Toronto just yet. After noon Sunday, NFL players can sign up to eight players on their practice roster.

If Sam Giguere is to remain with the Indianapolis Colts it will be on the practice roster for a third straight year. The native of Sherbrooke, Que., was among the NFL clubs final cuts, falling short in his bid to be its number-one kick returner.

Giguere, a 2009 first round pick of the CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats, spent the last two years on the Colts' practice roster after signing with the club as an undrafted free agent.

Calgary's Rolly Lumbala was let go by the Miami Dolphins. The six-foot-two, 238-pound fullback spent the last two seasons with the B.C. Lions after being selected in the second round, ninth overall, in the 2008 Canadian college draft out of Idaho.

Tailback Martell Mallett, another former Lion, was released by the Philadelphia Eagles. Mallett was the CFL's top rookie in 2009.

Four former Saskatchewan Roughriders were given their walking papers Saturday. Defensive end Stevie Baggs was released by the Arizona Cardinals while defensive end John Chick was cut by the Colts. The Green Bay Packers cut quarterback Graham Harrell while linebacker Renaud Williams was among the Pittsburgh Steelers' final cuts.

The release of Chick, the CFL's top defensive player last season, was surprising given the talk out of the Colts' camp was that Chick had impressed players and coaches alike with his strong play.

Defensive end Ricky Foley, a native of Courtice, Ont., and kick-returner Larry Taylor were among 21 players released by the New York Jets. Foley, the CFL's top Canadian last season after leading the league in sacks with B.C., signed with Seattle in the off-season but was released during training camp before heading to New York.

However, Foley, 28, isn't a lock to return to the Lions. He's a CFL free agent who will be coveted by other teams and likely garner a hefty six-figure stipend.

Taylor was the CFL's top special-teams player in 2009 with the Grey Cup-champion Montreal Alouettes.

Defensive back Kyries Hebert, a former Ottawa Renegade and Winnipeg Blue Bomber, was released by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Chick's cut I'm sure is a political thing.

he'd have to be superhuman to make the team.

I think I'm going to have to stop reading your posts. Do you every type anything that makes sense? :roll:

How is Chick getting cut any more of "a political thing" than any of the other players that were released?

oh come on, stop being so naive…

you honestly think an NFL team is going to cut a Big Draft pick over some free agent from the CFL?


they invest all their time and money into scouting and drafting their players and they’re going to cut them over some guy who’s coming up from the CFL?

sheesh, you need to do a little research man!

this happens ALL THE TIME!.

there’s no way that the management of the Indianapolis colts would want to see their draft picks that they spent time and money on being released to keep a guy who they signed as a FA.

get with reality buddy.

there have been hundreds of NFL failures that have come to the CFL and have openly talked about their experiences with NFL try outs.

they have great camps, get told great things and have a lot of good things happen… yet oh wait they cut him… keeping their prized 2008 or 2005 draft pick instead! SHOCKER!!! :roll:

oh.. and one other thing,

the reason that Chick is different than some of the others, is because everyone figured he was going to make the team.

he was a huge surprise that he got cut.

a lot of these players who come in as FA's are just training camp fodder and really never will make the team.

they'll never admit it to anyone but it's the truth.

Greenwood's the last one standing as an NFL rookie via Canada, Canadian and CIS at that, and looks good (knock on wood) early Sunday here from what I found and reported in the other thread.

Not sure what you mean in the second part about the 1+1. It almost sounds like you missed in the offseason all the talk and ultimate joy at the 1+1 rule eliminated for sake of the the NFL and eliminated effectively for good lest you count UFL and other forms of football as "other leagues" for said option year.

Effectively the CFL contract term minimum offer for practical purposes now is effectively for a 2-year contract, even though still called a 1+1, just as I was ranting all offseason (well actually I was ranting 2+1 and 3+1 back then but this change was fantastic for the league and for NFL too IMHO).

More information after some easy confusion on the matter here:


No, it doesn't surprise me that a guy they signed from the CFL would get cut over a draft pick. However, undrafted FA get kept all the time. Look at Tony Romo. Or this year's pre-season darling, Victor Cruz. The Cowboys benched former #1 OVERALL draft pick Drew Bledsoe and started Romo. And before you tell me that Bledsoe was not drafted by Dallas, who was the coach for the Pats when Bledsoe was drafted and who was the coach of the Cowboys when Bledsoe was benched?

Better yet, look at Cam Wake. He was just like Chick, except he proved he belonged. So did Jeff Garcia. Heck, he went to Pro Bowls with the 49ers and he wasn't drafted. If you can play, you get kept.

As far as Chick being a surprise, he was no more of a surprise than any of the others that got cut. He was a long shot to make the team at best. Just because someone said he might make it, doesn't mean he was going to.

This helpful link is already posted on other threads, but here is the latest. For those wondering, Sam Giguere was also cut on Saturday.

The players listed in black are all those who have never dressed for an NFL game with most of them as undrafted free agents though a few were low draft picks too.

The list does not included players placed on injured reserve or other similar lists.

[url=http://www.nfl.com/transactions?transactionMonth=9&transactionYear=2010&transactionTeamAbbr=&prevTransactionTeamAbbr=&prevTransactionMonth=0&prevTransactionYear=0]http://www.nfl.com/transactions?transac ... tionYear=0[/url]