A few players will be returning from NFL

Larry Taylor, Martell Mallett, Stevie Baggs and Ricky Foley have all been cut today. Renauld Williams was Waived by the Steelers.

Taylor belongs to Alouettes while Baggs and Williams are property of the Riders.

Mallett and Foley would both be free agents if they come back to the CFL.

Players still on the bubble= Bo Smith, Rolly Lumbala, Cory Greenwood and Jonathon Hefney. (Im sure there are a few others i'm missing)

  • John Chick is fully expected to make the Indianapolis Colts.

Baggs is a free agent, he is not property of the Riders.

God I hope Bo Smith makes the Jets.

Which sucks bigtime.

Does anyone think Baggs will go back to Saskatchewan? Wasn't there a bit of animosity after Chick was the team's MODP nominee?

I highly doubt he comes back here. From what I hear, and remember this is just hearsay, he wasn't always disciplined in staying in his roles. As in sometimes he would just do what he wanted on a play when he was supposed to do something else. Not many coaches like that. He is very talented though so he overcame it last year.

Thanks Billy. All any of us really know are rumours. I wonder who will sign him?

What position was Baggs trying out for?

If that's true, I wonder if that helped contribute to his sack total last year? ie. the QB read him as playing one role but Baggs saw the same thing the QB did and, thus, changed what he was supposed to do in order to get the sack. idle speculation of course.

He was listed as a linebacker because The Cardinals play a 3-4 defense.

You can also add Rashad Jeanty to the list.

I don't, he would make a better wide-side corner than Jykine Bradley. Bigger, faster, and tackles better. Obviously Rex Ryan sees some cover skills as well to be keeping him around this long.

What Bo Smith are you talking about? It's clearly not the one who played in Hamilton last year because that guy sucked.

Im talking about the Bo Smith that improved as the year went on and is only 27 years old and runs a 4.34 forty and is more of a sure tackler than the older and slower Jykine Bradley
With that said, we have someone better than both those guys and he’s just sitting on the bench.

Bo Smith is smaller, can't tackle, draws flags like there's no tomorrow and it's an extreme rarity to see him break up a pass.He got brutally burned all of last season and made our entire secondary look bad.I hope he stays with the Jets or signs with another CFL team.

This will be very interesting to see just who makes another NFL team and who ends up passed over and back in the CFL IMHO for the following players. IMHO such had already happened to SJ Green off the top of my head.

Larry Taylor, xNY Jets -- There has to be another NFL team who wants a solid kick returner then?

Ricky Foley, xNY Jets -- The Jets are stacked and staffed well on defence anyway, but so many teams are lacking volume on talented pass-rushers. I'd be surprised if Foley were not picked up again somewhere else. Hey Indianapolis GO COLTS!

Mallett, xEagles -- The league is stocked with average backs no doubt, but also young guys with such talent, low mileage, and some pro playing experience are few compared to the annual crop of rookies with less or even those drafted highly with skill issues such as apparently Joe McKnight of the NYJ, 3rd round USC, with serious fumble issues and on the bubble as well. I'd be surprised if Mallett is not picked up somewhere too to be the third running back.
For example as well 2nd rounder Montario Hardesty is out awhile if not for good for pro football with a torn ACL: http://www.macsfootballblog.com/2010/09 ... -have.html

R. Williams, xSteelers -- He was a long-shot considering the Steelers are always full of solid linebackers, so there has to be someone else who would take interest I would think. Ditto the analysis for Mallett but with also NFL experience yet only 7 NFL games. Hey INDIANAPOLIS!

Cory Greenwood, Kansas City? -- His combine was just plain awesome by any standard of gridiron football for the LB position, and to get this far to be at least on the bubble is overcoming tremendous odds as a CIS player with all the NCAA talent out there. Considering how badly the Chiefs SUCK all-around, I'd have to see whom they chose over Greenwood for experience if Greenwood is cut. I can't see him getting beaten out by another rookie if he's made it this far.

John Chick, Indianapolis? -- By now you have probably figured out that I am hardly alone in seeing that my Colts lack terribly on defence no doubt. Chick was a guy I noticed in the offseason who I thought was undersized as an NFL DE listed at 6-4 but only 248 then and would not cut it against taller 320lb tackles with greater wing span. Well here we are and he'll make the team apparently for his pass-rushing skills I guess that are better than advertised?

Chick is a CFL success story no doubt, as he was an undrafted free agent by the Houston Texans in 2006 but never played a down and remained on their practise squad. Reminds me of the road taken by Cameron Wake. :slight_smile:

We'll agree to disagree on Bo Smith, but we are in complete agreement on Will Heyward.

i think everyone but Gregg Marshall agrees on Will Heyward being good enough to start.

It's sad though how most of these guys should have made the NFL teams, if it wasn't for the politics and the by en large anti CFL bias.
Oh well if they come back, it's better for us.

Foley already got scooped by the Jets I believe.
Jeanty was listed as injured.