a few pics (56k Warning !)

a few pics from the 16th june game in Montreal. We arrive at the stadium before the gates open. So we watch the warm up, had a few drinks, nice time 8)

Mr Ugly at his seat. It was perfect for the 4th quarter ending.

Came back from the concession with beers and vodka to found the whole O-Line staring at the wife. hehehe

Some 2nd quarter action....

In the 4th quarter, just before Nealon Green fumble the ball on a handoff, just before he gave me a flashback of Ted White and made me burn a fuse !!

and a little vid that i manage to make, before the wife made the angry eyes !! :lol:

It was a nice trip into planet Montreal, made me realize how well i was here

cheers !

.....I never realized how close to the action you guys are at your stadium.....even in the best seats at McMahon there is 30 to 40 feet from the stands to the field sideline, and places like Commonwealth, BC PLace and Skydome it's even further.....that is awesome to be that close.....

Great shots. It feels like you could be on the field with them!

Glad you liked them Sportsmen. That was one of my rare visit to McGill stadium, and i had a blast !

Man you should have told us, Me , MartyMix & T&T were in Section Y, a 10 seconds walk to your seat...

I know. That doesn't keep a lot of people who never came here to tell us we have an half-ass stadium and we should go to the Olympic Stadium. They can't imagine how much we don't care about their insight. Molson stadium is a great venue.

I'm just wondering what it's like to be surrounded by buildings(behind the endzone)during a football game. Doesn't it seem a bit weird?

The building (which is an hospital) is only on one side of the field. Its not really any more weird than if it was the stadium's wall.

On the other side, there are trees. Which are part of the expansion problem, because tree-huggers don't want the Als to touch the trees.

Actually I heard a lot of tree huggers have changed their minds when they saw the plans!

Cool pics! Can't wait to get there for a game myself.

Well i mention it here and at GoAlsGo but no one seem interested. As i'm not a sucka for attention, i let it go. Next time i'll let you know mate.

Glad you like them geo :stuck_out_tongue:

edit typo

wow you get close to the action. 1 question, is it benches throughout the stadium?

Yup. It’s CanadInn Stadium’s former benches. No kidding.

I hope those plans also included Phase 3, and not just Phase 2, gotta shot for 35,000, the more, the merrier.

Are you sure? I thought they came from the states

1st - 25K or 35K, I'd rather see a full 25K stadium than 25K fans in a 35K seats stadium (71% full)

Like T & T showed us once, I don’t think the more the merrier, unless you're into FAT chicks !

2nd - Where the heck will Phase 3 expand...after Phase 2, it will pretty much be "completed", and the project still wasn't completely approved.

3rd - Did I just feed a troll ?? Ah damn !


read and wept

and if you want your team to play in a 25,000, losing money like water and not being able to host the Grey Cup until they finally die because their stadium is smaller than most HIGH SCHOOL stadiums in Texas, that's your problem. Big Boy.

nuff said.

Ok, here's what Wikipedia says:

Phase III of the renovations are [b]yet to come[/b], in which constructors [b]think[/b] another deck will be added over the North seats, which will accommodate 10,000 seats.

The overall capacity will be 35,000 seats.

1st of all, I would not trust all the info on Wikipedia. It's an encyclopedia written collaboratively by many of its readers, as their site says.

So any "moron" with a computer & a keyboard, can write up anything, until someone decides to change it or validate it !

Where are the real sources on this Phase 3 ? Give me some news link ?

All I can tell you from "sources" within the Al's office, phase 3 went down the drain !

Since you've NEVER been to McGill, Phase 2 will already add another level on the South Side.

How the heck are we gonna put up a 3rd level, as we are currently having "problems" with the "tree-huggers" just to add a 2nd level !

I know engineers can do miracles...but that would be plain stupid to have 3 levels on McGill South Side !

You said we're loosing money like water ? Well, I know a couple of things in Finance, and let's just say that Wetenhall can make his books say what the heck he WANTS !

As far as I'm concerned, you & I never saw the books ! So don't speculate, if we are losing money or not !

As for us hosting the Grey Cup, we will host it in 2008 in the Olympic Stadium, so I don't see your point here ! Big O already hosted a couple of Grey Cups (i.e. 2001, 1985, 1981, 1979, 1977).

Big O is our joker card to host the Grey Cup, we could do it every year if we wanted !

So what we play in a stadium (McGill) with 20000 seats now, which is smaller than most HS stadium in Texas.

Hey, Montreal doesn't close down when the Al's play, compared to some small cities in Texas (i.e Friday Night Lights).

My point is I don't care if we have the smallest stadium in the league, We have the Big O to have the Grey Cup game (even if it $ucks to watch a game there !).

You've never been to McGill or Big O, stop arguing on stuff you've never seen from your own eyes !

The Molson Stadium will be renovated with its Phase II of the reconstruction. Phase II will add 5,000 extra seats on the south side and permanent seats on the corners. This is the first step in the Molson Stadium reconstruction, in which permanent seats will be added in the end zone.

Phase III of the renovations are yet to come, in which constructors think another deck will be added over the North seats, which will accommodate 10,000 seats.

The overall capacity will be 35,000 seats.

Wikipedia always double checks material, since they have come under fire for false info, and I know it for a fact, so if Phase 3 is a lie, why is it still there?

and I was talking about Molson hosting a Grey Cup in the future, don't you want that, before the Big O is not more, if it ever gets torn down?