A few notes from today's game....

I was looking for a few vets that were on the lineup where was Watkins, Samuels and Hunt? Am I missing something? I really like Morin Soucy, I hope that he's alright he got injured during the game. Whitaker and Jennings are really making statements as running backs. I don't think that Avon would be in trouble but Imoh may be. 4 qb's looked good, Banks was really "blah". Duval really looked to be in mid season form. Alot more great things to say...im tired goodnight lol!

One last thing...looking at the Hamilton Toronto game go have a look to see who was the punte/field goal kicker hehe!

Okay, how does Trestman NOT cut Banks after tonight? Experience or not, this guy can't do squat moving the ball. I'd rather keep Santos as the third string and hide Leak on the IR.

Banks has gotta go...........

AC 4 for 5;
McPherson 2 for 2;
Santos 3 for 4;
Leak 6 for 8;

...........and then there's Banks at 2 for 5.

Brandon Whitaker looked good also. Definately improved since the past couple of seasons, where he was released a couple of times. I think he should make the roster now, and get a spot infront or just after Diedrick.

Damon Duval was blasting the balls.

I think all around, the Als looked pretty good on 1st and 2nd string units.

I'm still a bit concerned about the defense, which had trouble stopping the run all night.

It's nice to see that Als are actually SERIOUS about developing more QBs this year. Given the choice, I'm sure AC would have played the whole game so it was nice to see Tresman pull him once the former got a few reps.

I'm actually now looking forward to our future at QB instead of dreading it.

You guys have some really good looking rookies and your quarterback depth is shaping up nicely.

....don't think there will be a problem when A.C. decides on a different future....this McPherson kid looks like he could step right in ......Didn't see a lot of problem areas.... Als. are a pretty well balanced team...I'm looking forward to some great encounters this year....Real bullets start flying in a week....c'mon 09.... :thup: :rockin:

A lot of positive things from last nights game. The coaches will be going through quite a few cups of Tims coffee trying to figure out the QB, RB, and DB situations. Dont think Samuels will make it, as he didnt even play.
My one concern is the lack of a true MLB. Hunt didnt play and appears on the way out as Richard has pointed out in the past. Dont think Emry is ready, and don`t know much about Guzman.

I know it's too early to say, and I will reserve judgment until at least halfway through the regular season, but I have questioned Tim Burke's ability to assess personnel properly since last year, and this training camp has done little to assuage my worries.

With all the talent Popp brought into camp, there is absolutely NO excuse for Burke this season. He had better scheme properly and put his players in a position to succeed.

I am no fan of Burke, this year he better figure out how to be a good DC, because he sure did not show it last year, and from the looks of it, the D looks to be in line like last year, pray for the O to save us.

According to David Arsenault of RDS, Als Coaches feel that Emry is ready to be their MLB; hence Reggie Hunt could/should be released before 15 hours tomorrow. Same with Brad Banks and Stanford Samuels.

I don't understand why some of you question Burke; he's done/is doing a good job. Where are the Claybrooks,Hill, Haywood? Nobody signed elsewhere.


7th against the pass last season, and that third quarter in the Grey Cup final was awful; we couldn't get off the field.

I don't like Burke's schemes; they're too passive, call for too much checking off at the line, don't allow players to use their athleticism to maximum advantage, and are too easy to predict in certain situations (on second and long, we invariably dropped back into soft zones and vacated the middle of the field, which frequently burned us when the QB called his own number). I don't like the fact that our defense was at the bottom of the league in INTs last season. I don't like that we can't stop the run, at least in preseason.

Now, it's a new season and a new slate to me. Like I said, I'm not going to be passing judgments until the midway point of the regular season. Hopefully Burke proves me wrong and our D becomes as consistently effective as our offense.

The guy cannot make an adjustment if his life depended on it, he played Zone all year last year, we lsot big when Chris Jones left, he mixed it up way more and had more experience than Burke by far a better DC.

Herb is reporting that the Als are trying to trade Banks and will release him if they can't find a trade partner.

Thank God.

I'd be shocked if anyone traded an asset to us to get him. Pleasantly shocked mind you, but shocked nevertheless. There's CFL experienced QBs out there for the taking that wouldn't require surrendering an asset (Printers, even Dinwiddie), so why anyone would give up an asset to aquire Banks is beyond me.

As for Hunt, I don't think many of us were comfortable with him at MLB, so moving him does not surprise me, if we can find a taker (Calgary?).

But putting Samuels on the trading block is a surprise.

We've moved Cox up to LB and Randee Drew likely won't start for a while. So that means 2 rookies at HB. We're set on the corners with Estelle and Sanchez, and Woldu is a serviceable backup. Safety is a bit of a concern, with Boulay having an off year last year and Proulx being so injury-prone. But to add to that mix 2 green HBs seems risky. I'd have kept Samuels for that reason, but what the heck do I know.

And as for the comments on Mr Burke.......

He ran one of the league's worst defences in Calgary 2 seasons ago. Jones replaced him there and presto, it became one of the best. Jones ran one of the best defences in Montreal, Burke inherited it and presto, it wasn't great anymore. Sure, a lot of that has to do with personnel changes, but still.......................he has a lot to prove this year. Jury is out for the first few games anyway.

So now not one of our high-profile off-season acquisitions remains. Haywood, Hall, Samuels, and Hunt are all gone. It seems like Burke never liked Hunt in the first place. He had Hunt benched for the opening chunk of last season in favor of D'Wayne Taylor, who, as usual, got injured; Hunt came in and recorded two picks in his first regular-season game. Why on earth wouldn't they consider using him at outside LB instead of MLB, a position for which he is undersized and not as well-suited? And those new halfbacks had better be superior cover men to Samuels or it will further reinforce my belief that Burke can't assess talent properly.

On a positive note, Herb reports that Randee Drew could resume practicing soon.

I dont know the whole list of guys who got cut but I know that SJ Green got the boot. Sucks to hear that because I know he worked his ass off this summer to make this team.

Yes, I’m disappointed to hear that S.J. Greene has been released;
He was on the practice roster for the last 2 seasons and I was hoping he would stick.