A Few More Teams In The CFL?

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Some of you guys might laugh but aside for Ottawa and Quebec the best place for a team is in Red Deer, Alberta. In Alberta and Saskatchewan the CFL in considered major league.

I can't imagine a team in Dead Deer, Alberta. I can imagine another one in the Ontario besides Ottawa though.

Lethbridge is bigger! :lol:

Kidding aside, the CFL has enough problems with the 8 teams they have...they have to get their act together first. imho


why are we is scared if canadian expansion...seeing the same old teams can get boring

Lethbridge.... another joke! :lol:

Its all Hamilton's fault!!! If they'd just go out and win some football games, then the CFL would be good and they could move along to getting Ottawa ready for '09, and hopefully have the people on board to move a CFL project in Quebec City

I frankly think Red Deer is growing faster than Saskatoon. The Deer will probably be over 1 million in 100 years and could easily support a CFL franchise or two, along with Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Ft McMurray, and yes, even Brandon, along with Timmins, Chicoutimi and Digby. The problem is, just how can you keep the league at an even 32 teams and not dissapoint so many cities which desire CFL franchises???

Mississauga MICE, :rockin:

now i can see victoria, and quebec. you obviously have no grasps on how small brandon in. to put into terms. winnipg bosts around 700,000 and thaty is half manitoba. now brandon has 40,000 portage is around the same, selkirk probably has 15,000 and the rest make up the other towns like churchill, thompson, flin flon extra. so in reality no where else in manitoba could a cfl team survive other then winnipeg.
I would say regina has to population but if you think about how everysingle person in ssk is a riders fan thats the only team they need.
Ottawa has 2 failed franchises and i don't see a need to try again, not now anyways. Most of the football fans in that region have a choice between TO and HAM. this option also eliminates London from the equation.
I beleive Quebec ahs the population and most likely rhe support for a CFL franchise and it would allow a good french rivalry.
the other places that i feel can support is halifax or other cities in the east coast where the idea of football is getting bigger.


How about the OTTAWA LOYALISTS (ala' new england patriots)
Q.C. FRONTENACS and my favorite the NOVA SCOTIA BRAVEHEARTS playing out of Halifax.
They all have historical & geographic significance?

you know what we really need? a forum site along with all the team forums and the CFL forum but just on expansion… that way some people will stop pulling out their hair with the never ending expansion posts… and that way people can post pics of their fanasty teams logos…and lets admitted who hasn’t thought to themselfs “if I owned a team I would call them the Marshmellows”??? or the “thunder…THUnder…THUNDER CATS”

Oh god, here we go banging this old drum (expansion) again...

But Brandon? Thunder Bay would have a better chance and that's not saying much.

I think they should expand to countrys that begin with the letter C that way they can have another division and still be the CFL. For example Chile coud have Santiago.Cocepcion, Antofagasta,La Serena,Punta Arenas.
Chad could have Mongo,Bongor,Faya-Largeau,Mondou,Mao
Keep it to at the minimum 5 teams per country
as a minimum that way it makes a good division and they woud play against the other close countries. Example the Chad teams could play against teams from Cameroon. Where there are no close countries with a C at the beginning of the name they could just change the mane of the country maybe by just adding a C to the beginning.Example Chile could play cargentina or Ceru. You could also get them to totally change the name of the country also. Example Argentina could be called Colin or Chandler.

They should put a team in Hamilton.

Thats funny.Not as much effort as my stupid post though but effective.

You're right...it really was too easy. :slight_smile:

One more year of Edmonton missing the playoffs, and they could start thinking about putting a team into that city too! They've taken a step in the right direction by keeping Ralph Wiggum as head coach.

It was nice to see Regina finally getting a team a few years back they seem to be doing alright.


I'm partial to the Christmas Island Santas myself =D

I think the CFL should build an inflatable stadium. They could fill it with hot air from the various provincial parliaments and move it around as needed to every one horse town that wants a team.

Technology has come a long way in regards to these kinds of things. Here's the inflatable pub. how much harder would it be to have an inflatable stadium?


Okay, maybe a little harder...