A few ideas on roster changes???

After last nights game of No catches by Drisan James and Chris Bauman of the Ti-Cats, I heard Rod Black of TSN mention that James has good break away speed as a wide receiver well since McDaniel is not doing much on kick off and punt returns why not move James over to the return team for now, move McDaniel into the Wide Receiver spot to back up Chris Davis, sit Chris Bauman and replace him with receiver Matt Carter who we received from BC and currently on the practice roster. This might work out well!!

A guy having trouble hanging on to the ball isn't my first choice for a punt returner, so no to James in that spot. Maybe you could sit Bauman but putting him on the practice roster likely means we lose him. Better to play Cory Grant or Dave Stala and have Bauman backup. I'd actually like to see Terry Caulley play and get Cobb to play slotback/RB and remove both James and Davis from the equation altogether

Just put Ball in now. We have used everyone else but him.

The changes on O I'd like to see tried based on recent games and particularly what we saw in Edmonton:

  • Leave Davis out for another game to have a look at BALL. That would mean James is also out.
  • Sit McDaniel and add CAULLEY. Try Cobb as the returner, which is what he was best know for in college, and he can also back and up sub in for Caulley and maybe even take a turn at slot.
  • Sit Bauman and try CARTER with Grant still in there to back him up.
  • Start Porter, if healthy, on Labour Day and Glenn in Toronto.

Do they just need to start the canadians,for the first play of the game?
after the first play does the ratio matter?
just wondering.

No, BF.

If that was allowed the 7 Canadians rule
wouldn't serve any purpose at all, BF, but

I learned something new about that rule.

I read in a newspaper a quote by an official saying that
they don't count the number of Canadians on the field

so I guess the opposing teams assign somebody
to keep track of the 7 Canadians being used.

The referee or one of the other officials carries a card listing the imports and designated imports and when he sees one of the latter entering the game, it's part of his responsibility to look for another import leaving. The penalty for a noticed infraction is 25 yds.

If a team dresses the maximum number of imports allowed, as they most often do, 3 of the those 19 imports are "designated." Those 3 can play on special teams, where there is no restriction on the number of imports on the field at one time, but when they go in to participate in a regular offensive or defensive alignment, they must be replacing another import.

So, the starting offensive and defensive players total 24 of which a maximum of 16 (not counting the QB) can be imports and the remaining minimum of 7 must be non-imports.

In Edmonton, the Cats chose to dress only 18 imports, which meant that only 2 of them were "designated" -- McDaniel and Gordon.

In the above explanation, I forgot about Setta being an import. So, the 2 designated in Edmonton would have been him and McDaniel, allowing Gordon to sub in for anyone.

Speaking of Caulley, has he completely recovered from his injury? If so, rotating him and Cobb at RB together would help keep both of them fresh.

Why in the world would you start Carter over Stalla or Corey Grant. That makes absolutely no sense.

The suggested change has nothing to do with Stalla. Ahead of Grant, yes -- for the same reason they've been playing Bauman ahead of Grant and Porter ahead of Glenn -- with an eye to the future.

Thanks, ottawacat, my understanding of the designated imports rules needed refreshing.

I recall that there was a slip up this year with a designated import
coming in [for the kicker?] when he shouldn't have been allowed to

and the officials just gave his team a warning.


My point about the officials not watching for the 7 Canadian starters still stands

your post was about the designated imports.