A few goodbyes?

Could this be the end of a few short, underperforming tenures in Hamilton? I believe Friday night will be the last we see of a few players. We know Jesse Lumsden is done for the year, but could he be done in black and gold for good? Casey Printers short tenure looks near over, the proclaimed savior has not lived up to his title of being the highest payed player in the league. And Nick Setta, definetely the teams MVP over the last two years could be taking his ticket out of town to greener pastures down south. We all had high expectations for Printers and Lumsden, but neither lived up to the hype. Whether it's your last game or not, it's been one hell of a ride, thank's guys for giving it your all when ever you played, these guys just caught some bad breaks. If your here next season, great, lets hope it's a much better one, but if not, best of luck to you boys, except against us!!!!

I wouldn't count Printers out just yet. If we are interested in brining Jesse back I think we have as good a chance as anyone of signing him. Setta probably will make an attempt down south and if he does I wish him the best of luck. He's a great guy and an amazing player and I seriously hope he can catch on and make the big $$$. If he doesn't and O'Billovich doesn't sign him, I'll be the first one to start the fire O'Billovich threads.

I know there will be at least a handful of guys we won't see back next year and I thank them for their effort as well. I can't think of one guy who didn't give his all out there even though it often wasn't enough.

Good observations Chris.

The way Porter is playing Printers (with his salary and attitude) may be expendable. You have a couple of good Runningbacks so Lumsden (salary and being injury prone) could also be expendable.

A lot of fans putting Printers down, but watch the other teams scramble if we put Casey up for grabs.

Printers hasn't done anything more than Porter and/or Williams have done.

But Printers probably makes twice the other two combined. In a salary cap league, Printers is really under performing.

And if Printers is let go, he'll be taking a big salary cut with any other team.


Saskatchewan is callin"
Obie,can you git us some Linemen fer some cakes & popcorn?

Richie Williams is likely done as a Cat. I expect Casey will be invited back to compete for the starting job next year. Other likely players that won't return include JoJo walker, Pat Woodcock, Lumsden (probably his choice), at least 2 O-lineman (possibly one tackle and one of our Canadian's), and 2-3 linebackers and d-lineman. Beveridge is also questionable. Setta is unlikely to get a shot as a placekicker in the NFL given his performance this year. He might get a shot as a walk on punter but I'm doubtful.

Before anyone jumps on me I'm not saying these players should be let go, just my read of the way the organization will move. Cheers