A fan since the early 70's

For the first time ever-- I don’t care.
I know a few of you will use the use the overused phrase–don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

but I don’t care.

This is not a professional team, this is not a Tiger-Cat product.

For too many years, for too many reasons I fail to see the point of wasting my time and my life’s minutes following this club.

Thanks Bob,but no more for me…I’ve had it.

My thoughts exactly. I no longer watch the games, In fact my last post was several games ago when I cautioned this team was a fiasco. I would now go as far as saying this team is a disgrace to professional football on the planet.
I don't care how wonderful the front office is. Football on the field is tackling, blocking, passing, and running. None of which this team can do.
I too no longer care any more.
Will I be back following the Cats's next year ... ofcourse .... a new seasons springs new hope.
As for this season, I had enough several games ago ... but I just had to post one more reply due to the utter ineptitude this team has sunken to.
I just wish this season would dry up and blow away.
Don't worry fans. Next year 2-16!!! :roll:

You can always be a Winnipeg fan. That would tick that blue team just east of you. (just kidding). We went through the Rhinebold years in the mid 90's. Winnipeg let Cal Murphy go and he was 9 and 9 for the season. It took Rhinebold three years to win nine games. It was horrible. I really hope things turn around for Hamilton.

I feel the pain too.

I watched the Bomber game on TV, and flipped to a US colege game frequently during the second half because I was so disgusted with our squad. I NEVER watch college football.

I like Printers, and I think he and Lumsden are two great weapons who we can build a great offence around. But our offensive line and entire defence are absolutely pathetic. The defence is the real stinger because when I grew up, Ticat football was all about sacks and interceptions. Our D is in total disarray, and makes opposing QB’s (even backup no-names like Dinwiddie) look like all-stars.