A fan From Hawaii

Aloha, have quick questions about the ti-cat stadium, you tailgate, bbq, before the games, if so I will be there for the July 7th game and freaking can't wait to see some football! I wanna sit in the loudest part of the stadium, let me know!!! ALOHA

Try Box J - in recent years it's been the loudest, although that's largely because it's behind the Ticats bench and, wretched as we have been, the fans have been trying to run the coaches and QBs out of town. As much as optimism is the order of the day, that's still a good place to start.

Tailgate at Scott Park, across the street from the stadium. Here's hoping the faithful are as high on Chang by the time July 7th rolls around as they are tonight - (assuming Chang's your reason for visiting) you'll have no trouble finding a few thousand people willing to buy you a beer.

A welcome in advance to our shabby but friendly home.

Welcome to the sight
Yes box J is Great for Noise it Also Behind Ticats Bench ..

Yes, there is a lot of noise from these guys I've heard, not much else but a lot of noise nevertheless. :wink:

It's because the noisemakers are especially 'well lubricated' in this section.

There is a tailgate lot behind the stadium...it's the one in blue. Lot J


Lots of very friendly people there. There's also a pregame party in the west endzone before the game.

Do you know Dog Chapman?

Bring your parka.

LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

It will be over 82 F or Better

Hey guys, thanks for the, well the heads up, we can't wait, if any of you guys are interested in meeting up for the july 7th game, let us know, we would love to hang out with some "locals" and BBQ some grinds!!! ALOHA

if you go to the tailgate party,just a heads up, dont be shocked when you see grown men in skirts.its not the pride parade.not that theres anything wrong with that. a little cross dressing and public urination nver hurt anyone.any where you get seats in the stadium is good.Box j actually is not the best area. its too crowded,what with all the egos and bad legs.

We usually don’t tailgate as late as July.

We have very short summers, and it is hard to keep the BBQ sparked up that late in the season.

Dress for the cold, and it will be alright!

LMAO!! Will you stop!! :lol: Bring lots of cold drinks. It's pretty hot right now.

Box J is where its at!

more shameless self promotion

LOL, cold in July, I don't think so, I can't to get there, like I said if anyone wants to meet up for a tailgate party, I will cooking up some hawaiian style food!!!! ALOHA

Some yanky got off the plane in Torono (50 years ago) -dressed in a Parka looking to shoot polar bears. and we still get a good knee slap aboot it Eh, never you mind just bring your shorts cause ms copps says da bay is good for swimmin. :thup: - Unless it rains then DONT! :thdn:

Hamilton Bay is one place where we can all walk on water.

An Argo-Cat fan

That's Hamilton Harbour, or Burlington Bay.

Toronto people, sheesh! :wink:

LMAO! yeah not gay pride, CATS PRIDE!! perhaps if Tim becomes starter they can exchange the kilts for grass skirts! By the way! is it not just luck that Timmy Chang and Tiger Cats have the same initals!