A Family Member Playing In The Spengler Cup

I've always said that I would be more proud of my son playing hockey for Team Canada than in the NHL. But of course neither will ever happen. He's a football player (Yeah!!).

But I am so proud of my niece's husband. He plays professional hockey in Switzerland, and is playing for Team Canada in the Spengler Cup in Davos, Switzerland.

Sorry, I know this is a football sight, but I am really proud of him! :oops:

Cool, supersmith! Congrats on your "connection"! What's his name?

Corey Murphy. He plays defence and wears #7. At first, Lanny McDonald didn't want him because he's small, but Kirk Muller (the defence coach) told Lanny to F*@K OFF and showed him his stats from Colgate College (he was in the running for the Hobie Baker Award), and film of his play in Europe. He's the leading scorer on his Swiss League team. Lanny was sold on him after seeing him.
Sorry, I'm gushing with pride. The games are on Sportsnet, and I'm taping them for him. Too bad this tournament doesn't get the same coverage as the Juniors.

Does he play Defence on his Swiss League team also? If so, then that's incredible that he'd be leading the scoring.....

We dont care that this is a footbal forum.
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Corectimundo jm!
He was always atop the leading scorers when he played in the NCAA.

Actually, the new NHL rules would suit his style and size, but he loves playing over there and has turned down NHL offers. He lives in a chalet near the Alps, never has to pay for food in a restaurant, and is provided a free BMW when he's there. He salts his salary away and he and my niece are quickly becoming very well off. When he comes home in the summer he works out and plays golf with various NHL players. I envy their lifestyle.

Yeah, we know a guy who is in Austria - used to play WHL hockey in Prince Albert.....he loves it there - and has the lifestyle you mentioned, to boot.....

WOW! he is playing for the “Maple Leafs”? COOL! THAT’S AWESOME SPORTSMAN

Maple Leafs is my nickname for Team Canada, like the Aussie national team in Rugby is the Wallabies and the Aussie Ball team is the Convicts

KK the Maple Leafs are losers (NHL TEAM) keep it team Canada okay!

The leafs aren't "losers". redwhite how about you stick with football. k?

just my nickname, I don't like it when teams in a league like the NHL take on names that represent the country as a whole (Americans, Canadians), but for a national team, almost anything goes (Maple Leafs, Wallabies, even Southern Cross).

Our Rugby team's nickname is the Canucks, for the record...

Oh, and I saw this Corey Murphy fellow on TV tonight. Canada gave the Germans a good thrashing. Good for him, and good stuff, being the leading scorer on his team.

A distant cousin of mine plays in Berlin, used to play for the flames; he played in the Germany Cup, or whatever it's called, and the Herald once published a picture of him getting punched in the face during a game.

Zartan, who's the distant cousin?

btw, that's really cool, supersmith :slight_smile:

Congrats supersmith, A-Ok with me to say this here!

Went to school with a guy who now plays in Berlin - used to play with the Raiders in PA.....I wasn't too close to him or anything, but he hung around with good friends of mine.....hadn't seen him in eleven years, so it kinda threw me for a loop to see him playing on Team Germany last night in the Spengler Cup....

The distant cousin's name is Micki Dupont, he played for the Flames a few years ago, and played for Kamloops in the WHL. He's in Germany right now, I guess... They get so many benefits playing there, it's insane.

I thought it was the Barbarians?


Barbarian is the name of the jersey manufacturer ... ie, our jerseys (and shorts and probably socks) are supplied by Barbarian. Canucks is the actual nickname.

I remember Micki Dupont! I remember watching him play for the Blazers in the '99 WHL final, against the Hitmen. I was really happy when the Flames drafted him ... but I never heard of what happened to him. Glad to hear he's having a good time over in Europe!

One of the guys I went to high school with, and played rugby with, was drafted in the 1st round by the Roughriders ... Chris Best ... he also flattened me during a drill in hockey camp, years back ...

Hey, I was at game 5 of that series myself! Good times - I remember he got an assist in the game.

Atta boy Corey Murphy!! Nice little goal there to bring the Canadians within one of the Russians at the Spengler Cup!! There's your boy, supersmith!