A drawback to expansion

a new team means expansion draft which means fans lose some favorites from their teams.

if not for Ottawa, Reilly most likely would still be a Lion

Wondering whichof my fav players or future fav players will end up on a 10th team

Can you remind us why that is?

BC traded to Edmonton before the 2013 season . Reilly played in Edmonton in 2013 .

They could have waited thru 2013 to make that decision on who to keep .

The draft was 2014 .

Reilly was like Franklin sometimes it's time to move on .

The player himself will push the GM to make a move despite the upcoming expansion draft .

Reilly was too good to stay as a back up just like Harris in Ottawa .

In hindsight they should have moved Lulay .

they traded Reilly because they knew they would not be protecting him for the Ottawa draft and they expected that Ottawa would take him, which they probably would have.

Just part of the business of pro football. Each of the other teams would lose two or three players through an expansion draft, not that big of a deal. Another 1 or 2 per team might be gained through free agency, and of course the regular draft. Not that different from any other offseason, really, although extra competition for free agents might drive up salaries a bit.

You get only one starter though . It's Lulay or Reilly . You would lose one eventually .

BC didn't see Lulay's injuries and Reilly's potential no matter if it's the draft or free agency you don't get to keep two starters .

No matter if it's the NFL or CFL you get one starting QB with starter money especially the CFL .

The draft or free agency it's the same .

actually, they were able to protect 2 QBs but Reilly was number 3 at the time.

Yes but again Reilly wasn't on the team then he already played a full season for the Esks and threw for over 4,000 yds when the draft happened so he was number 1 for the Esks during the 2014 draft .

I understand what your trying to say but if what you say about protecting 2 why would they protect Buck Pierce over Reilly ; if they still had Reilly . That kinda negates what your saying as they would have not lost Reilly in the draft .

in hind sight, you have a point but at the time, in spite of his potential, he was number 3 in the pecking order. He would not have been protected. Even if they had valued Reilly over Pierce and protected him, then they would have faced losing Pierce for nothing. In either case, to trade the one was their best move.

Feared losing one of their QBs in expansion draft, so traded instead of losing. could only protect one.

Expansion is good in the long term. Yes in year 1 the rest of the league hurts a little in losing a few more name players than in a typical off-season. That said, are we not a better league for now having a strong Ottawa team and 9 teams as opposed to 8?

The same will be true for 10. There will be challenges to overcome like sourcing enough Canadian talent but adjustments will be made either at the developmental or league level or both and the league will ultimately be better and stronger with 10 teams.

Expansion done in a similar manner as to what was done in Ottawa should absolutely be pursued. There isn't any reason why weak franchises in Toronto, Montreal and BC should hinder this pursuit. Fixing those teams has to be done in tandem with responsibly expanding in Halifax.

There are pros and cons to expansion...

Pros :

  1. (1 time) Expansion money
  2. 10 teams - makes the League more symmetrical
  3. More games for TSN which will hopefully mean more T.V. money for the CFL
  4. Makes the League country wide

Cons :

  1. TV money gets split 10 ways instead of 9
  2. League sponsorship money gets split 10 ways instead of 9
  3. A maritime team would be a weak sister
  4. Dilutes talent

While I would love to see a 10th team, don't push it. Just like Ottawa, it will happen when it is good and ready, and not until then.

I have yet to see a weak Maritime sister. ;D

Another con would be travel times and costs !

Re : "Another con would be travel times and costs !"


Your pros contradict your cons .

I think it's a must in the East for sometime now I say push it ; push it real good .

It's not a want it's a need for the East division .

Without an owner it really was the only stumbling block as the city wanted a partner but nobody showed up to get the stadium going . No tenant equals no stadium .

On Con1 there maybe significantly more money that offsets any split

On Con 2 your sponsors should increase for coast to coast league .

Con 3 Maritime team maybe as big or bigger than Ottawa . The weak sisters are your three big cities .

Con 4 Dilutes Canadian talent only but that can be flexible solution as some teams are dressing more than 7 starters . That says we maybe underestimating the Canadian's first and with that small a number it really should not be an issue .
We have more than enough guys to play special teams and to sit on the bench watching the game .. With 9 teams that's less than 1 starter per team .

But the Als need someone they can beat.

Re : "Con 1" : Disagree. A significant increase in T.V. money will NOT be tied to expansion. The CFL is due for a BIG increase in TV money - whether there is a 10th team or not. Adding a 10th team means another mouth to feed.

Re : "Con 2" : That's fair. You have a point. However, I don't believe the additional sponsorship money brought in by a team in the Maritime will outweigh what is lost by splitting the pie a 10th (11th?) ways.

Re : "Con 3" : I disagree. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are not going anywhere. I think a team in the Maritimes would be most likely to fold - because of a lack of support and because they would not be missed like the Big 3.

Re : "Con 4" : Fair enough.

Re : " It's not a want it's a need for the East division ."

Disagree. We're just fine without a 10th team. It would be nice but not needed.

Having a team fold looks FAR worse than having oddly numbered divisions.

The way the league is taking it's time with Halifax, I'm not concerned about an expansion and a quick folding. This won't be another Renegades.

As long as there is a viable stadium there will be investors in case LeBlanc and co. run out of the Coyotes buyout money.

I can see a unbalanced schedule which will offset travel costs. Talent and the quality of play will take a short term hit....the on field product in 2014 was terrible but eventually recovered.

Paragraph 1 : Hope you're right.

Paragraph 2 : As you know from H.F., LeBlanc is the kind of owner I'm worried about.

Paragraph 3 : That's fair. Sadly, the "hit" really hurt the League in terms of T.V. views - a lot of games were unwatchable. Hopefully, the "short term" pain will be exactly that... "short term".

I would LOVE a 10th team. Heck, I'd love an 11th and 12th. However, 11 and 12 is not happening and when we go to 10, it better be done right - like Ottawa, because the optics of folding a team are horrible and it sets the League back decades in terms of respectability.