A Discussion on CFL officials with George Black.

Mr. Black,

First of all thank you for your reply to my e-mail addressed to you and your CFL Officiating crews.

If the officials work for the CFL and not any other team specifically than how are so many calls being missed against the Tiger-Cats, especially the crucial calls where a player could get injured by a stupid late hit on a QB, I mean that's why the rule put in place to discourage late hits, right Mr. Black???

How about making the game a fair and level playing ground for every team, because for the last many years now I as a Ti-Cat fan and other Cat fans have watched as way too many calls have not been called and our QB's have taken undue punishment for some idiot defender making a late hit or other teams getting away with missed holding calls on the front offensive lines.

Your officiating crews are supposed to be well trained and not biased against any team. If you're NEW RULE for this season states that a QB cannot be hit or touched after he releases the ball, than darn well enforce the rule and it applies to all teams. The missed call against Timmy Chang being hit late by the Al's defender is a clear case of this the ref was in perfect position, so call it, don't flag because you think it will upset the outcome of the game if it's a stupid play by the defender, it's a rule so stick to it.

I only ask for a fair playing ground for all teams not this come by chance crap that we see today!!!

Garthman "A TI-CAT FAN"

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They work for the CFL and not the Tiger Cats or any other club.
They are evaluated comprehensively, and all calls an non calls are scrutinized.

George R. Black

Director of Officiating

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Officiating/Ask the Ref

After viewing last nights game on TSN between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Montreal Alouettes, I have to say that I was disgusted by the lack of calls on late hits that were recieved by both Jason Maas and Timmy Chang by head ref Jake Ireland and his officiating crew.

The final play for Hamilton saw, Timmy Chang throwing a pass over the head of Reciever Brock Ralph however instead of Chang standing on the ground after the throw, he was lying on the ground after the Als defender took three steps and hit him after the ball left changs hand, with the official standing right there on The TV screen. This is called lousey reffing as many late hits on the QB's Maas and Chang were missed.
Also, when Jim Popp threw the flag to talk about Thyron Anderson coming off the Ti-Cat bench to soon following an injury break, Mr. Popp was seen very clearly on TSN indicating that the official owes him one and as clearly pointed out by Glenn Suitor of TSN.

So I ask you Mr. Black because you are head of officiating what will be done to even the playing field for all teams and not let late hits on our QB's go unnoticed. The new rule this year is that as soon as the QB releases the ball he cannot be touched, last night I counted six times that Maas and Chang were touched and once with a spearing of the Als players helmet to the head of the QB??

Also, this player for Montreal Chip Cox thinks he is a soccer player because he gets the ref to flag Hamilton when Mr. Cox falls down at will, he fakes it well, this should be called for obstruction of the game and a 30 yard penilty, but I forgot this is the CFL and only top teams get away with having no calls made against them, mean while teams like Hamilton are penilized game in and game out. I also saw lots of holding calls on the Als offensive line and on Toronto's last week that were not called. It makes me wonder as a fan who the officials are really working for?????????????

Don't be silly. There are fans from every team in the league who think the refs are against their team. :smiley: