A different script for Edmonton next week!

A most satisfying outcome! I was hoping to see Edmonton come out on top. I felt that if Edmonton could take care of Calgary's Rambo, Cornish and Tate then they were well on their way to winning the game. They could not stop Cornish but they were able to take Rambo out of the equation and effectively rattle Tate enough to get Burris back in. With Burris back in the Esks had an excellent chance of taking the game in my opinion. Tate had a good run during the past 3 games and would have figured huge if he maintained a hot hand. That was not meant to be and the QB changes and final score showed it. Tate will be a QB to reckon with I'm sure during next year but this year the Stamps are gone and the Esks have the honor of meeting up with the Lions for a 5th time this year.

I believe the Lions have the Esks' number. They've beaten the Esks 3 of 4 games. Messam was effectively shut down by Calgary and I believe the Lions' defense is better than Calgary's. Messam got injured today so it will be interesting to see how effective a run game the Esks can put together. One has to wonder if Messam will even be healthy enough to play next week. Fred Stamps will likely be covered by Banks and Phillips with a blanket. Both are both very good.

Ray knows how to run with the ball if given half the chance. A couple of years ago he killed the Lions on the ground wracking up over 130 yards of his own! I can't see that happening again. The Esks have some good receivers but compare it to the Lions' receiving corp and I'm very glad I'm a Lions fan. Bruce, Gore, Simon and now Paris Jackson back in the den. The Lions have Brown running like he's possessed and complimented by Harris' speed and quickness.

Rumor has it that Elimimian, Hunt and Mitchell are no longer interested in thinning out the herd by running down something weak and frail. They'll be looking for something in its prime!

The Lions will not be taking the Eskies lightly of course. They know too well how quickly a game can turn around. In one of their games at B.C. Place the Lions instantly went up 14 points only to watch their lead disappear. The Esks will be flying higher than a kite having taken it to the Stamps in such convincing fashion but they will be playing against a very improved Lions team that in my opinion is simply superior given what the Lions have already done to the Eskies. Add to that the Lions will be playing before a very partisan crowd of ravenous reveling fans and it doesn't get much better.

Personally I'm hoping for a Hamilton/Lions showdown on November 27.

We are too :thup: