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Yeah so Im on a different sports forum site, and I come across this... This is from the hockey boards there, and I dont like hockey so I never post at that section. I dont even really know how I came across it to be honest...

Anyways it shows a bunch of different perspectives on the CFL. Some are American who are clueless, some are even Canadians who bash it... I havent posted on it myself, but Id obviously support the CFL. Anyways, here it is:

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New member here....hello

I was cruising topics here for awhile and decided to join after reading the topic in the forum that jman135 linked to. I've been a fan of the CFL for a long time, but I live in the US and coverage has always been sporadic in my area, so it's been hard to follow until now via internet video. Anyway-

What I see is a game that's more fun to watch and moves at a quicker pace. Never mind that many of these guys would rather be making big $ and getting more exposure in the NFL. Never mind the "level of talent" that some claim is inferior. Your guys play with pride and show more class on a regular basis, for the most part, IMHO. I caught the "Banjo Bowl" the other night, and I don't remember seeing a single shameless display of egotism by anyone....no stupid end zone dances, no sack celebrations, no chest pumping, etc. The two division leaders came to play football and they left the BS in the locker room. I was impressed.

CFL is a great product. It doesn't need to be constantly compared to the NFL. It is what it is...it's different in many, many ways, and therein lies the beauty. I'm sold... in part because I'm about fed to the teeth with the NFL since it's become little more than a glorified circus, but mainly because I just enjoy the he11 out of watching a different brand of football than I'm used to.

Welcom Hondo...as you can read, we do love our CFL football...we just have to train our refs. :roll:

There will always be the odd idiot here and there who screams "CFL S.cks!" whenever somebody mentions it. Besides that I think our league is well supported.

My buddies here in the states think I'm nuts for heaping praise on your league, but I keep telling them to check it out. Three downs instead of four, the no fair catch rule, the singles, the fact that there are no motion penalties, kickers are punters too, etc. etc.....All very cool IMO.

Cheers man. It can't be easy as a CFL fan in the US. It isn't always easy in Canada, either.


Football is football but the CFL is a unique style of football may be faster and a bit more exciting in ways and may I add the oldest version of the game. But when it comes to entertainment both leagues can give you that.

That's a good point and has much to do with why I'm sour about the NFL. It's gone the way of entertainment....too much glitz and hype and face time. Your game, your fans, your coaches, your stadiums, etc. seem more old school. I like it.

BTW, Calgary was my second choice, despite the Cowboy analogy....still in the running.

Yes the NFL is its own enemy with all the glitz and hype. Many of my friends in LA prefer the CFL. One being a varsity coach loves the CFL game and rules. He was a big raiders fan and he came up and watched three games and he got hooked. Of course he watches the NFL but he said if there was an NFL game on at the same time as a CFL game he choose the CFL. I like all football myself. I have a few friends that played in the NFL and I named my son after one of them.


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