A different kind of "Wake"

According to Websters-

wake: a watch held over the body of a dead person prior to burial and sometimes accompanied by festivity

Hmmm..makes you stop and think doesn't it?

I love the B.C. Lions. I really do! But reality is reality. Congratulations to Cameron Wake in adding to his sack count. The man is a one man wrecking crew. It was good to see Logan back. He made his presence felt. Clermont should be back next week.

Todays' loss against Calgary was not any one player's fault. It was not because Smart mishandled a punt return. I was not because Pearce threw an ill timed interception. It was not because McCallum was finishing a coffee not realizing he was suppose to be on the field to kick a field goal which he subsequently missed. Yes, McCallum could have given us another 5 points due to the 2 missed field goals but was it McCallum, the snap or the placing of the ball that resulted in the 2 missed field goals? Who knows? The bottom line is that Calgary is just a better team than B.C. And that is not a bad thing is it?

After watching today's last season game against Calgary I'm not optimist that B.C. will get past Saskatchewan. If they do, I cannot see them beating Calgary in the Western Final. They frequently lost their composure and began playing a chippy style of football. This is not characteristic of B.C. There were camera shots of the B.C. Lions bench caught in moments of dejection. What has worked on the field in the past just doesn't seem to be working when the opposition is formidable.

Today, Calgary had nothing to lose- particularly evidenced when they pulled Burris at the half to save him from potential injury in preparation for the Western Final. And still they were able to rack up over 40 points- against a team that boasts the best QB sack record in the league no less. The luxury of "resting" your number one quarterback is reserved only for a team that is way ahead of the opposition and usually only happens in the last few minutes of the game. Calgary pulled Burris out at the half! Now how confident is that?

Except for the exhibition game B.C. has now lost all 3 of its meetings against Calgary- and not by narrow margins. Even going with its second string and third string quarterbacks, Calgary was able to beat B.C.

Could B.C. have beaten Calgary today? Yes! Should they have? Not in my opinion. Something is seriously wrong with a team that boasts having the best quarterback sack team in the CFL but allows Calgary's second string quarterback to score 3 touchdowns. I don't know if going for it on 3rd and 10 near the mid-field with still a couple of minutes remaining was the smartest move B.C. could have made. It might have made a difference, I don't know.

When Burris was playing in the first half he seemed to be able to throw the ball with impunity. It seemed that every time he needed to pick up key yardage his receivers were wide open- and I mean wide open. The Lions secondary is not playing like it used to. Not even close. I don't mean it's not playing like it should. I think it is playing as well as it is able to. It is just being out played.

During the 1/2 time break Buono said his team had to play with more intensity in the second half. Pahleeez. They knew what was at stake before the opening kick off! They knew what they had to do and they were unable to do it. They are playing injured but they are not THAT injured. I simply don't think the Lions are the Lions of a couple of years ago. The opposition has been consistently picking apart the Lions defensive secondary as the season progressed. Pearce and J. Jackson are good and when they are on their games they are unbeatable. But so is Casey Printers of Hamilton and Joseph of Toronto. Ricky Ray of Edmonton is unstoppable- when he is on his game.

Too often the Lions get burned by the big play which are usually huge yardage gainers. Why is that happening?

Today, it seemed the Lions were never in the game from the start. Yes, there were moments of glory but a championship team does not rely on momentary "bright spots." I believe given what they have in terms of talent and injuries the Lions are playing as well as they can.

To get past both Saskatchewan and Calgary in the next couple of weeks is possible but in my opinion not probable.

i totaly agree you with you 100 percent, like geroy said they played like crap.

but and this is a big but, i still think the lions have it in them to win the cup this year, i know they have the weapens, and when the lions usally hit rock bottom, like today they usally come out the next 3 games on fire. if they don't then then there has to be something big done about it in the off season, even if they go all the way and do win there still has to be some major changes next year. to get way more consistant.

I agree with you guys for the most part, but I think there is room for improvement in their play and it has nothing to do with injuries or talent. Un neccessary roughness or other mental penalties, being caught out of position, not paying attention to whats going on the field, dropping passes that should be caught, over/under thrown passes, etc. Too much of this happened against Calgary and thats why they lost. Yes it was not one individual, but the culmination of all the players mistakes. Sask has had many injuries and they are still managing to find a way. So we don't have injuries for an excuse.
I do believe we have the talent to get it done, but for what ever reason, at times they don't play up to expectations. I can't figure it out, they knew how important the game against Calgary was, and they laid an egg. Seemed to lack some emotion too. Saying we did not play well enough runs a little thin after a while. Your going to have a bad game once in a while, but for a team with this talent, they have had too many.
Maybe they are not as good as they are made out to be..... in that case there will be some major changes in the off season. I would rather think that we still have a great group of players that can go all the way. Stay tuned....we shall see... :wink: