A crazy idea just for fun

I had a crazy idea that I thought I would toss out to everybody. With Ottawa coming back in hopefully three years oh so what about adding another team.....drum roll please......... How about a team based in Windsor/Detroit called the Internationals. Stay with me for a minute. Apparently, there was a Canadian group that just purchased the Pontiac Silverdome. They could own the team in Windsor (no ratio problem) but play in the Silverdome. There is no NFL team there, oops sorry Lion fans but it might be an interesting idea to throw around if the Lions would even let it happen?

Anybody have any idea what kind of shape the stadium is in? My pure guess is probably better than Frank Clair at the moment.
Before anyone shoots me I do not want to expand to the U.S. just play there. Wouldn't a Grey Cup at the Pontiac Silverdome draw some interest?

Just an out of the box kind of thought,


"Windsor as part of the Detroit-Windsor metropolitan area, has been suggested by potential owner Oronde Gadsden as a potential market for a team he is pursuing (though Gadsden indicated the team, if he were to own it, would likely be based in Detroit, Michigan)."


I remember when there were rumblings of a Windsor based team playing out of Tiger Stadium. That I could sort of see.
The Silverdome (...did you hear it was bought for $538,000!!! With over 100 acres of land!! Wow!! ) would need major work, I think, for CFL. It was already about as sterile an evironment as you could imagine. And, an awful long way from Windsor-Detroit.

If that stadium was closer to downtown -- and the Windsor border -- I think it could be something to consider. But, I think that stadium would need to be near demolished to have any kind of an atmosphere for CFL.

Interesting idea though, for sure.

I think if the Silverdome were an outdoor facility the Lions could still be playing there but the problem with Detroit and area, unlike Buffalo, is that there is a great atmosphere for outdoor football not far in Ann Arbor and Lansing with the Wolverines and Spartans. The Bills in Buffalo don't have the competition and plus are closer to Toronto and a larger fanbase in the Golden Horseshoe compared with Windsor area. You put the Silverdome where Ralph Wilson Stadium is and the Bills would still be drawing the same I think.

CFL would only work I'd say in Windsor but Windsor is too close to Ann Arbor and Lansing also for fans who want that outdoor football experience. CFL and Windsor or Detroit area is a no go IMHO.

London is different and that could potentially be a great market for the CFL.

the Mayor of Windsor was pushing for a CFL team, IMO build a BMO type stadium in Chat ham (between London and Windsor )along the 401, and play labour day and playoffs in Detroit's Football stadium, Montreals formula is a good one to copy.

No, I say London is the way to go, I think TD Waterhouse can be expanded and is in a beautiful location in London. It would be great if London had a team but I don't think there is a push for London from anyone or the CFL which is really too bad.

a CFL team in London would be great, means I can go to games when the Ticats aren't playing :slight_smile:

I am surprised London doesn't already have a team. Beautiful city and they certainly could support a team with their population.
Anyone out East interested in a team??
Doc 8)

I don't think that's such a good idea, given Windsor's proximity to the Detroit Lions. I would much rather see a team go to Quebec City. That way it helps open the east coast for expansion.

Hammer has a good point, two teams in Quebec would rival like Hamilton & Toronto. Making the next step east a little easier.

Is this an expansion thread under a different guise? oh oh :o

Ok, go with Ottawa, London, Quebec City, Moncton add them all to the East division, or does one city go to the West? Hey anybody remember the Atlantic Schooners?

Playing in an 80k stadium would not make the league look good at all. 20k or 30k would look like a few hundred in that stadium.

Go East Go Now ........ ( Moncton ) would make a great start to re-expanding our great Canadian Football league !

Honest another team in Quebec would really heat things up ...So as long As our league expands Soon it's a good thing ...

Am I just tired, and missing it how "another team (even) in Quebec would really heat things up?


Seeing as I am from Windsor... I am 100% onboard with a Windsor-Detroit team. BUT... in order to attract fans... PONTIAC is a terrible site. They'd have to play at Ford Field or Comerica park. I'd prefer Comerica if it were feasalbe. But I would only do this until Windsor was able to build a suitable site.

For a long time I've been saying that Windsor would be a great spot. No existing Pro sports teams in the City... a population of 200,000 in the city and another 100,000 just outside. PLUS... with Detroit right there there's going to be tons of people that love football enough to go take a day trip to Windsor to watch football. I can see Windsor selling 30,000 with ease.

Rusty, I can't see it, aren't all you Windsorites just Americans that hide behind the Canadian border and take cheap health care on the side? :wink:

Don't get me wrong, I'd love a team from Windsor in the CFL but I doubt there are a lot of Grey Cup type fans there who understand what winning our national championship really means. Just because you live right next door to Uncle Sam.

I don't want to mock Windsor but you might not be far wrong. I've known several people from Windsor and they all say the same thing; Windsor is a suburb of Detroit and Canada is a country you visit when you drive east on the 401. I can't see a CFL team working there at all in Lion and NFL country.

That's just a typical response for someone that doesn't really know the area. Yeah, you'll find a ton of people that scoff at the CFL and tout the NFL as the ONLY pro-football. Well... I KNOW PEOPLE IN HAMILTON THAT SAY THAT! Just like the AHL is garbage hockey. Hamiltonians are terrible sports fans... if you want to go by that approach.

Windsor is forgotten... BECAUSE we're so close to the border. But we're a city that wants to break away from the American image. a CFL team would do that. Finally someone in this country would realize that Canada/Ontario doesn't stop at London.

Looks like another Canuck has crazy ideas just for fun too.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/article/729769--toronto-developer-snaps-up-vacant-pontiac-silverdome]http://www.thestar.com/sports/article/7 ... silverdome[/url]