A cowboy hat is no match against camoflague.

YEEEEHAWWWWW BUCKAROOS!!! Here we go again!!! Saddle up ya'll and head towards the sunset!!! Keep away from them Lions!!! They'll put a nibble in ya'll beeeeehinds!!!!





...dead as dogfood...

Well you never mess with a mule/horse. Stubborn and deadly when they want to be. I have seen one tied to a brahma bull with a lead shank. And when the bull wanted water he got it when the mule horse let him. If the bull move the mule horse would kick the hell out hte bull until it stayed motionless. You probably wonder why you would do this. Well this bull would charge and attack humans. So to tame the bull you attach something that will have quick teaching techniques the mule horse. I have also seen one attack and kill an alpha wolf. Their kick is deadly and so are their jaws.

I got chased out of a camping site one time late at night by a mule.

I'd of ran alot faster had i known all this info. LOL

Well when a horse or mule bites they have to completely close their jaws. This is a painful experience. But a mule or donkey are very stubbron and will not give up. Thats why many predators will not go after horses or mules. Theonly one that I can think of his a grizzly. But back to topic. The Lions got a win and it may have not been pretty but good teams find a way to win.



Good picture Ree!

Looks like ree is still scared of the horsey. Some people
never change, hey ree.

There’s a lot more where that came from :wink:

Long time no see…um post eskylo :smiley:

Hehe…always my pleasure to degrade the stamps :twisted: