A Couple Of Thoughts

I was away on holidays up in the deep north, no TV, no papers, and no internet. This Saturday when I got home for the game, I learned Toronto had relieved Kent Austin of his duties. Interesting how Austin is gone and Paopao is still calling the shots upstairs. It seems to me that this guy needs to open up the play book some and let our offence have some fun out there. These hitch/screen passes mixed up with the shovel to Ranek are all recycled Ottawa material. Joe needs to be made accountable for his offences production. Seems Kavis Reed got the message. Jason has proven himself in the past that he is a great athlete and a charismatic leader, and my opinion is to let him do these things. Let's take the gloves off and let him call his own plays. Nothing worse can happen than what is happening already.

Next thought. Does Jason Maas want to play in Hamilton? (just a thought, that's all)

Football is a team sport, and I personally won't let any one individual have it. Seems to me we played very well in Montreal, although it was a loss, and we played well against Winnepeg, for a win no less. So what happened?

Very interesting question? I thought about that last night during the game or how about this... he doesn't like PP's system. Maybe the whole offence don't like the system. Could the whole offense just be fed up and knowing the system doesn't work are not really trying??? You could see the whole team start to lose interest as the game went on especially in the second half. Defense is playing well but they start to get fed up also.

Maas was a good QB out west. What has changed since then? The offense he is trying to run now is brutal. My personal thoughts are he has been reping so many of these short passes in practice he has lost his range. Lets face it they got this guy can he can throw long. I don't believe his off season surgery has been a problem. It's like golf you have to practice every facet of your game just not driving or putting. Same in football as a QB you have to practice the long ball play. All these receivers were running catching Danny Mac passes last year.

PP goes coach Lancaster takes over the play calling with help from spotters in the booth. The season is close to over but with the General in charge of the offense there maybe a chance. Just my 2 cents.

I've come into this late, but I agree with most of what you've said. It's not just the passing game,altho' the flat pass was never going to work, but also the failure to adjust to things like Eric England lining up so far outside that the tackle can't get to him before he preassures the QB. I think they fired the wrong coach. Any organisation that imposes an offencive coordinator on a head coach is asking for trouble.