A couple of questions about the Grey Cup game

I realize the Lions have only won just one game but last night was not a game Saskatchewan handed to the Lions. Saskatchewan did not lose because of mistakes in my opinion. The Lions out played them and were the superior team. I see things getting even better in the weeks ahead. Of their 5 losses there were several that they could have won which would have put them much higher in the standings.

If by chance the Lions do make it to the Grey Cup [I realize that is a bit of a stretch] which team would you like to see the Lions face or does it matter? I've not decided yet but I'm leaning towards a B.C./Hamilton showdown. Meeting up with Winnipeg would be nice too.

If the Lions don't make it to the Grey Cup which two teams would you like to watch?

My wife and I have very nice seasons tickets and will also be taking in the Grey Cup game this year. We are so looking forward to getting into the newly renovated digs. Because of prior commitments we were not able to go to the open house a few Sundays ago but from what I'm told the facilities are going to be sensational when completed. And of all teams to meet up with on September 30- Edmonton!

I guess anything with Hamilton or Winnipeg in the game. Those two franchises have the longest Grey Cup droughts (and Hamilton hasn't even PLAYED in one since 1999), so I'd like one of them to be in it. I think it would be good for the league if Montreal wasn't in it - no offense to Als fans.

If B.C does perhaps make it to the classic game; Winnipeg vs Lions. Who do I think will get there; Cagary vs Montreal

Winnipeg v Calgary if I had to pick teams not including BC.

I’d love to see Buck lead a team to the cup (I’m sure he doesnt count the couple plays he was in for in 2006). Also the passing of Richard Harris from the Bombers would make them sentimental favorites.