A conundrum

Is there anyone out there who has the same problem as me...

My wife and myself are new season tickets holders for the Edmonton Eskimos, problem is I am a huge Lions fan as my wife is a Rider fan. Is there anyone out there who own season tickets and is a fan of another team other than the team you own tickets to?

If so what do you do? Do you cheer for the home team when your boys aren't playing them?

2 Words.

Go Riders

I lived near Winnipeg for a few years and I went to a lot of bomber games even though I am a staunch rider fan... seldom did I cheer for the bombers (unless they were playing someone from Alberta whose city names escape me at the moment... :roll:

The only suggestion that I have is: if it is at all possible try and sit with the out of town fans... if not, then use common sense... behave, don't cause a scene, and be nice... especially if the home town is loosing... everyone hates having salt rubbed in a wound.

And if you cannot behave, then be prepared to a have a few unfriendly people around... remember, you are in "their house" so behave...

Of course if you are 6 foot 8 and 399 pounds or your wife will still find you attractive after you have been beaten into a vegetative state... then go for it...

Fans in their home stadium can be unfriendly so be careful and be safe...there is booze served at games and where there is booze, there will be idiots...

I'd buy seasons tickets whichever city I lived in. I love going to CFL games way too much to pass them up just because I won't see the Stamps each game.

I'd buy Esks tickets if I was in Edmonton, but I'd never cheer for the Eskimos (unless it somehow helped Calgary). But being in Edmonton's stadium all the time, I probably wouldn't trash the Esks hardcore with all their fans around me all year, either. I'd wear my Stamps stuff to each game, for sure, and I'd be cheering for the other team, and yeah that may bug those around me ... but also, when you get season's tickets, you tend to be sitting by the same people all the time, so they'd get to know you.

And since I'd mostly be there just to watch football, and less so to see the 'shmoes lose, I don't expect it would be a huge problem.

(Same goes for if I got tickets to the Riders. In general, go-other-team.)

If I got seasons in just about any other city, I'm sure I'd adopt that team as my second-favourite.

I know there is a guy at the Bomber games atleast all last year if not the year before who looks like a Rider fan as he wears Rider stuff every game.

If you are a hardcore fan of another team, just stick to areas away from the home team, behind the away teams bench is a good start.

I live in Calgary and have had season tickets here since 1982, the year I moved here for work. I kept my tickets in Commonwealth till 1984, as well, double dipped I guess you could say for 3 years (wanted my seats for '84 Grey Cup).

I cheer for the Stamps against every team but the Eskimos and can't understand the attitude with many in Calgary and to a lesser degree Edmonton (worse now than when I lived there) that to love one team, you have to hate the other.

To me, I love 4 down football and would buy tickets in whatever city I live in and I still cheer for my team, not against the other.

....true true, makes me shake my head when I hear fans say a visiting team sucks when they just beat your team, how can they suck if they just won?...anyway, can't really answer your conundrum Steve, just some advice to enjoy the game no matter who is playing....one of the best games I attended last year was the Edmonton vs. BC game where it came down to the final play, a missed EE feild goal...watching an exciting game was the important thing, not necessarily who won....

Which is why I'd still buy seasons tickets no matter what city I was in. The main thing is that I want to watch football. And if I don't like the team I'm buying tickets for, them losing is just icing on the cake. But for as long as I can remember, I've loved the Stamps and hated the 'shmoes. I don't care if they've won the Grey Cup 13 times; I still think they $uck!!!

Once I've got my primary "need" covered - watching football live - then, to me at least, it comes down to my hierarchy of teams. I'll cheer for the team I like more, even if it's in the "wrong" stadium. And it just so happens I like every team more than the esks.

Of course, if I was in Commonwealth watching a game between Edmonton and some team other than the Stamps, I wouldn't cheer by yelling "Eskimos blow" or anything like that. And frankly, I wouldn't make a huge deal out of the Esks getting scored on, either. But I wouldn't cheer for the 'shmoes just because I'm in their city and they're playing a team that doesn't happen to be my #1 favourite.


Myself, my wife, and 7 other Bomber fans have had Stampeder season tickets for the last 4 seasons. We come dressed in Bomber gear, and cheer the Bombers each and every game - regardless of who's actually playing.


Interesting thread. That is funny Statik, I'd like to see that. Good luck Steve, a few suggestions here though for you!

That seems appropriate...
You can also cheer for the zebras, and if you you have a nasty streak, there are always injuries....

Don't worry CanucKev, someday you'll grow up.

which is why i dont attend alot of ticat games anymore..haha

Nah ... don't plan on it :wink:

I don't hate the esks just because I love the Stamps ... I just don't like them. Notwithstanding that they're our biggest rival (so why should I like them?), I have my own reasons. I'm sure it's got a lot to do with what I learnt as a kid. Stamps = Good, esks = bad. Not to mention the constant ribbing from the relatives in Edmonton. And the fact that I grew up during the Oilers-Flames battles of the 80's/early 90's.

Who knows how or why, but I just grew up with the notion that Edmonton is the bane of Calgary's existence. (Don't worry, I now know this is not true.) When I was about 8 years old, I remember being shocked to hear that if Edmonton was hit by another tornado, Calgary would send aid. I just figured we'd let them fend for themselves. This was my skewed childhood perception :wink:

I don't have to hate the 'shmoes in order to love the Stamps. But, like many other Stamps fans, I do. Hey, it's not carved in stone. During 2005, I hated the Riders more than the 'shmoes.

And "hate" is a relative term in this case, anyway. In the CFL, it's synonymous with "8th-or-9th-favourite-team", to me. I would cheer for the esks against any NFL team ... but I would dread the fallout from the edmonton fans, win or lose :wink: