A Conspiracy Theorist (excuse me, Truth Seeker) gets what he deserves


I just finished watching the verdict . It couldn't happen to a nicer fella . :rofl:


Free speech ends when it harms others or is hateful. Jones lunatic rantings harmed others and were hateful. The atrocities committed by his followers were egregious as set out in the article. Just as a doctor, lawyer or engineer can have his ticket pulled, so should Jones. Now comes the shameless “I’m poor” dance.


They'll never collect a fraction of that from this pond scum, but it's the thought that counts. :+1:


Glad the bastard is exposed. Wish they could do more to him.


Jones is a POS. Glad the court threw the book at him.

I have watched Jones throughout his "anything for a buck" career. I thought he did a great job of exposing Bohemian Grove in the mid 90's, but has fallen on the way side chasing ridiculous theories like Obama's birth certificate, NWO, etc.

John Oliver did a funny episode on Jones on his "John Oliver Tonight" when they both clashed over Sandy Hook


ANYTHING that Alex Jones EVER 'reported" in his lifetime was sensationalize, lied about, and eaten and then shat out with not an iota of truth...yes everything he ever said is a big shitting lie


Just so long as they bankrupt Jones and ideally, but unlikely, every "pie" in which he has a finger.


He recently transfered 27 million to his wife and moving other money to various hidden shell companies... Then got caught falsely claiming bankruptcy.... Wonder if his wife is talking to a divorce lawyer yet😀


You got to give Jones a little credit, but not a whole lot, but he sneaked in through the BG security which is heavily fortified like a G7 Summit meeting or the Bilderberg meeting and filmed the gathering.

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Unfortunately, I foresee years of appeals and nary a penny paid to the victims after all is said and done, ala OJ Simpson.
Jones even said as much on his Info Wars pod cast immediately following the damages verdict.

BTW, is Jones both personally liable as well as his corps/LLC’s?

Either way, he will simply squirrel away all funds into shell companies and the hands of greedy willing associates and family members while declaring bankruptcy(s) and creating new media outlet companies.

He is the epitome of a turd that won’t flush.
Same old story with these charlatans.


Ya, and no one should ever visit Cuba again given they obstained, once again, from denouncing Russia's aggression on the Ukraine and the illegal annexation of Sovereign land.

I know two people who believe everything that comes out of Alex Jones' twisted mouth. Both of these people are mentally disturbed. Unfortunately only one of them is taking their medication(s) right now.

I can't argue with either of them... if I try all I get is a data dump of nonsense that's been repeated a million times.


Operative words....mentally disturbed


Also with all these so called truthers the laws of nature and physics don't hold sway and are overlooked or branded as lies.

Sorry... my bad. 'Mentally challenged' I guess is the proper term.

Nope... Disturbed for the truthers is correct.


Highly politicized trial.

Nope the guy was is and always will be a total Ftard and politics had nothing to do with this... He totally on purpose lied to destroy people lives and put those people in danger too..his followers harassed and threatened to kill the parents and dig up graves of kids to prove there was no bodies there


Close to a billion dollars is absolute a political stunt considering cnn and others have slandered folks like the covington kids and paid out nowhere near that