A consideration of presently relevant CFL books

  1. The Water Boy: Ackles and Mulgrew.
  2. Home Again: Cosentino.
  3. Border Wars: Willes.
  4. A Passing Game: Cosentino.
  5. The Phoenix of Professional Sports Leagues: O'Brien.
  6. Goin' Deep: Dunigan and Taylor.
  7. Bigger Balls: Giles.

re #3
I saw a book entitled End Zones & Border Wars by Willes which was quite a good book about CFL USA (my only real beef was for some random reason the colour pics neglected to show the USA teams which was just odd based on subject matter)

Is the original post a typo or is there a different book also published?

And to add to the list, brand new book just published this year

#8 The Baltimore Stallions: The Brief, Brilliant History of the CFL Champion Franchise by Ron Snyder

This book is much more focused on Baltimore and will also discuss other leagues in addition to the CFL chapters despite the title of the book

#9 All Heart My Story - Micheal Clemons

Its quite a good book overall and has lots of insights that are very relevant today, everything from systemic racism to how USA football runs in the States

Have number 3,4,5 and 7 in my collection.

Have all 7.

Steve O’Briens, Frank Consentino’s, & of course Bob Ackles’ books I personally liked best, with an honourable mention going to Jeff Giles’ book which is still relevant today in some instances; sadly so as many of the issues he mentioned back then are still relevant

Tell Me to My Face is a great book. I bought it when it came out and still own the copy. It's a must read for any football fan.