A Cold and Damp 'Audition'- Were you at the 'Pete' Try-Out?

Well- I went to the sale (picked up a few Christmas presents) and saw that the videographer for the Pigskin Pete contest was standing all alone.

So.... what the heck....
this bearded old professor gave his rendition complete with a few lines of the old Ti-Cat fight song. When the post goes up on lulu at least you'll be able to put a face to the rantings that come your way from my keyboard.

Anybody else give it a go?

I tryed out at Home ..
and Just made uploaded it..

Which one are you?

triddell I am Rank #2 Right now..
I Really Want the Job..

I think it would be Great to lead the Cheers ..
Also I love to Add the Following to :

(1) Pigskin Pete should be Visting Sick Kids at Mac and Other Local Hospitals .

(2) A Pigskin Pete Video Blog a Lulu.com

(3) Ask Pigskin Pete a Question..

The Pigskin Pete competition is listed under
the title "Ticat Contest" on www.lulu.tv Onknight.

Click "Browse" on the top of Homepage.

You're right, there's a link to lulu.tv
on www.lulu.com, as well, Tom.


Good luck with your efforts
to be the next Pigskin Pete!!

You go, Onknight! :smiley:
I'm just happy that the tradition is continuing. You have some interesting ideas as well. Perhaps the team staff has some further plans.

I hope that whoever is chosen further strengthens our ties with our winning tradition.

The Pete persona helps younger people get a feel for our traditions- something that gets lost today but also something that provides rootedness and assists with the creation of long-term loyalty.

I'm sure that there will be some updating of the image (though I hope that doesn't go too fast) but helping the fans cheer, sing, and get excited is all part of the task.

I'm hoping that Pete 4.0 will be a real and rabid fan but also one with a smile, the time to chat with folks and make them feel at ease and the kind of guy who will treat little kids as special.

P.S. Any chance of a Pigkin Petra? I don't see any female entries. Or how about a Mr. and Mrs. Pete (kind of like Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus)?

So far I like “Pigskin Jeremy” as getting my vote with “Rusjod” and “Mark” coming in as a close second…(I like the impromptu singing Mark…that was cool!..and gutsy!)

Good luck to all!

(George Hudson was cool to get his son in there also!)