A classy Stubler

Against the advice of his lawyer, Rich Stubler appeared on the Fan 590 this morning for an interview. Sounded very humble and like he's already moved on with his life.

Hate the blue team but have a new found respect for Rich.

I agree.
I heard the interview, and Stubby said that this is now his new destiny.
It takes a BIG man to say this, as others I am sure would either have whined, or dissed the Management that fired him.
Stubbler has moved up a couple of notches in my books, that's for sure.

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He's an excellent coach. I have no doubt he'll land on his feet somewhere. I think he'd be a huge upgrade on Creehan for 2009 and the Cats would be crazy to not give him serious consideration. I believe he's put down rooots in Mississauga too--more reason for him to stay in the area.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) I am sure his lawyer advised him what NOT to say, despite what his true feelings are !!
 Don't forget, the Argos are paying him for the remeainder of his contract, which is the rest of this season and next season also  !!

 Boy, both him and Charlie are going to enjoy a nice, well paid holiday for the next year and a half  !!                     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

are talking about the same classy guy who chewed his assistant coaches out on the sidelines during games?

8) Yep, that would be the same guy !! Most of the members on this site hated him and called him derogatory names when he was the Argo HC !!
 Now he is a great guy, and we should bring him to Hamilton  !!          <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 In reality, he got thrown under the bus in Toronto, just like Charlie did here  !!!

...that be the guy///and when Stubs is hired in the Peg and Marshall heads off to the hammer...he'll make a perfect coach to go with Doug Berry....i can hear the screaming now... :lol: :lol:

Dose Ontario have a Classy CFL Team?

Not by the Looks of it

I think Stubbes would be great at running our defense. He has a proven track record at fielding excellant defensive schemes and gets super results.

I also like the idea of getting Marshall (the other) here to be our head coach. It seems to me that this might be a good starting point for next season, unless, of course, Bellefeille manages the impossible and puts his team into a playoff berth.