A change to the playoff format?

As of right now, with the crossover the games would be:

Edmonton @ Winnipeg
Sask @ BC

the winners play Montreal and Calgary in the East and Western finals respectively.

If it were a format of division winners getting byes, and the next 4 teams with the best records playing in the semi-finals , the games would be:

Winnipeg @ BC
Edmonton @ Sask

Of course all those can change, but IMO, the league should look at changing the format to reward teams like BC, Sask and Edmonton- they deserve hosting a playoff game rather than just giving the Bombers a home game because they finished 2nd in the East Division. Even if the Bombers do win both of their remaining games, they will finish 8-10, the 4th place team in the West will finish with a .500 record. I believe the change to the playoff format needs to be made.

I'm sorry, for a moment I thought I was 5 years old, so I posted a pointless post. What I meant to say, was I think it should be left alone. It's been this format for many decades, and I don't see why they should change it now. That's just my opinion.

Playoffs are fine, it's not often you get wacky and wild years like 2008.

I just put this out there for debate, but since you seem to think I'm whining, you have the dubious honour of becoming my first foe... do me a favour, if you are not going add anything constructive, don't read my posts or topics that I put up... :thdn:

They would have to drop the divisions for this to happen. Then you just seed 3vs6 4vs5 with 4vs5 winner playing seed one and 3vs6 playing seed 2.

it's a stupid idea! there's no need for debate.

Actually, this very topic was discussed on TSN with the panel. And if I am not mistaken, most thought that if the crossover team has more points then the 2nd place team in the other conference (In this case Winnipeg)..they should be rewarded with the game in their home field. It sounds fair to me. This is a unique year, in that only 1 team in the east is equal to the western conference. A very lopsided cfl....and so ironic, that an eastern team can lose badly, and clinch a playoff spot in the same day. Will they eventually change it, perhaps. But not this year...and who knows when? On a side note: it baffles me that Montreal is given so much credit for their success..when they played in such a weak division...8 wins and 1 loss. They didn't fair so well against their western opponents. One wonders what their stats would be if they played in the Western Conf.

Sambo simply has an opinion regarding playoff format. Sambo is entitled to an opinion and is entitled to discuss his opinion as you are entitled to disagree with that opinion. To jump in and just automatically throw down the typical "whiner" blast when someone says something you disagree with is a typical internet jackass response.

Exactly how does an opinion constitute whining? Please explain.

That response fails

I agree, would kinda have to drop divisions to make all things as equal as possible

Western fans claim that Montreal is given too much credit because they play in the weak east....Yes the east is weak this year but you also leave out the fact that Mtl can finish 4-4 against the west.

Neither BC nor SSK have 500 records within their own division

Stupid idea. Why would a fourth place team play at home and a 2nd place team play on the road in a league where the schedules aren't balanced to begin with? Crossover is stupid enough as it is. Grey Cup should be a battle between East and West. If the West is that much better then the East it shouldn't matter because the Western rep should win the GC hands down...

TSN's crew just like to hear themselves talk anyway. Half their time is spent laughing at each other's wardrobe or playing carreer and the other half being controversial. Hardly a reference.

It very possible that a team that wins only a third of its games will host a semi-final. It used to be that kind of a record meant that you were done for the year. Only in the CFL is that scenario a possibility. I believe that is why the format needs to be changed, and if it means only one division, then so be it. The East-West thing is history anyway.. what will you guys do if BC, Edmonton, Sask or Calgary are the "east" reprsentitives at the GC game? During the US expansion years it was a North-South matchup. Time to let the E/W thing take its place in history.

a 4th place team, in any division, in any league, should consider themselves lucky just to be in the playoffs, never mind seeking a first round home playoff game.

Easy to agree that CFL playoff format is partly unfair because it is created for commercial reason to foster interest in geographical rivalry. Better teams aren't always rewarded. Myth is that the grey cup champion is the best team. The playoffs is a mini elimination tournament in which the champion is the team that can win all games. Not impossible for weaker teams to defeat stronger ones.

If they do change it, then you might as well get rid of the divisions altogether. But I don't think anyone in this country, and not just talking sports here, knows exactly what is west-east in Canada and exactly how much this really matters anyways in all areas of life.

But if they are going to keep the divisions, then leave it as it is, once in a while as others say you're going to get a wacky year like this one but not often I don't think. And sort of adds to CFL and playoff lore. That's what I like about the CFL and Grey Cup, if you look throughout history you'll see some years when just a few thousand people showed up, other years big crowds, teams leaving the league for a while like the Als and Gades then coming back in, US teams at one time, universities once played for the GC and won it etc. It's great history and great stuff, this year will be the year a team like Winnipeg hosts a playoff game with a losing record and while some will say what a joke, it all goes down in the history books as a little uniqueness that happened, adds to the history details.

It won't happen for

1-Economic reasons
2-Geographical rivalries
3-National TV ratings

West sends a rep and East sends a rep....what's complicated about that?

So you are ok with the fact any of the 4 Western teams might represent the East in this year's cup?

Everyone keeps saying that the 4th place team would get the home playoff. That is not what Sambo wrote. In this case the 3rd place team would get it. The 4th place would never get the home playoff game, it would always be either both second place teams or the 2nd and 3rd place teams from one division.

maybe they could mix up the divisions...
Say BC, Hamilton, Toronto, Calgary division 1
Sask, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal division 2

Would that work? Or something along those lines.

I don't like the crossover at all mostly because of that reason but at this point I can live with it because in 4 crossover games so far no team has managed to even make it to the division final let alone the Grey Cup and I don't think ANY of the four Western Teams will win two consecutive playoff games on the road after an 18 week season anyway. So I'm not too worried. If Saskatchewan is the crossover circus team they would play in Toronto, then in Winnipeg the next week, then in Montreal for a third week to play a team that's been off for 15 days :slight_smile: