A Change to NFL Rules???

According to Wiki (accurate more often the Mike Vanderjerk) An NFL owner cannot own a team in any other league in the "Big Six" (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, CFL, MLS)....other then MLS.
This would exclude both Rodgers and MLSE from owning a NFL franchise.
If an idiot like myself can figure this out.....then why hasn't one Canadian media outlet picked up on this despite the hundreds of articles written in Canadian papers about "The invasion"
I highly doubt the NFL team would change there rules for Rodgers/MLSE considering they would rather an NFL team end up in LA.
The CFL is saved!!!!!!!!
Imagine I just uncovered the story of the year.....and I'm a moron...... Imagine how stupid Steven Brunt....Dave Naylor.....etc truely are!!!!

If it were not for the fact that I am reasonably certain that rule has been broken on numerous occasions, I would be excited...

Too bad its wiki

Good read Blin but as you know, rules were made to be broken particularly when you are talking business circles. If the NFL wants these guys, they are in according to the NFL anyway, they'll simply adjust their own little set of rules to allow it.

NFL owners can own and operate as many major sport franchises they want, as long as they are in the same city as their NFL franchise. They just don't allow cross ownership in competing cities. There is no problem with Rogers/MLSE owning the Blew Jays, Rapters, Leaves, KFC and the eNFL, bumpp...bumpp...bummmmmmm.