A change in the weather

We're often reminded that since Mr. Young bought the team it's been nothing but blue skys on game day.

We're also reminded that since Mr. Young bought the team, the football has very seldom matched the weather.

90% chance of rain tomorrow night - could this be the change in fortune we've been looking for?

It poured during the Hall of Fame game last year..and we got slaughtered. Next theory?

OK, I got nuthin else - guess I gotta go with the penny.

I appreciate your effort sec8

90% chance of rain?!?!

Ahh... damn.

Do they sell ponchos at IWS?


Don't bring umbrellas!!!!!

The forecast has changed for the better


where still going to get wet


But it only water :lol:

I'm not made out of sugar. A little rain will be alright.

That's alot better than the thunderstorms they were predicting.

there calling for a thundershower too :cry: ,do you know if they cancel or postone the game if its thunder and lighting?

If there is lighting the Try to wait out the storm.
After so long the League will Postpone the game or Cancel it

Close to 1mm is alot better than the previously forecast amount of 10-15 mm.

40% chance of showers. Look at it this way there is a 60% chance it will not rain!!!!!!

(Halfthedistance) _________________ My Labour Day Prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord a win that week, If I die before I wake, At least an Argo game the Cats will take.
Halfthedistance: Nice effort, but better keep your day job! ha ha! :P :rockin:

Its raining! well there goes all the walk ups $$looking for entertainment, us football die hards with season tickets will be there for the football rain or shine, win or lose! time to get off the bandwagon and stay home :roll: :lol:

It stopped raining!

I'm at Barton st near Sherman right now and it's 4:50 pm

Skies look somewhat clearer too.

Looks like it might be a nice night for a football game after all.

Watch the weather clear up in real time:

[url=http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/radar/index_e.html?id=WKR]http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/radar/in ... tml?id=WKR[/url]

See you at Ivor Wynne!

Cheers, Bob.

LOL... thx rocky