A change in attitude?

And that's why we play the game.

This is what you tell them: IT DOESN’T MATTER. So what if “the best players go to the NFL”. We all know that not every…single…great player ends up in the NFL, but you’re not going to convince the nay sayers of that. So, simply tell them that it’s irrelevant. Sure the depth of great players in the NFL is superior to the CFL, but so what? You simply cannot argue that CFL players aren’t GREAT athletes in their own right. The CFL is a fantastic game, the quality of the players and staffs is very, very high. That’s what matters. Money is NOT everything when it comes to football. Ask them why U.S. college ball is so popular. The vast majority of those players end their football career in college. Many of those who are above and beyond the average college player usually end up in the NFL, CFL, or now the UFL. There are lots of quality players to go around.

Start with Vince Feragamo. Then move on to Doug Flutie. There are a ton of Vince Feragamo's who can play the American game but not ours. The wider field, deeper end zones, three downs, motion, 12thy man ect take time to adjust to and some players can't. There a re also a lot of Doug Flutie's that are the NFLers say are too short, too small, not skilled enough, not strong enough ect to play the NFL game when in reality they are never given the chance. Flutie is the poster boy for that attitude. He was a HOF star in the CFL because they adapted their offense to his style while in the NFL he was expected to change his style to be able to play.

The NFL plays the same slow boring style of football they did in the 50's and 60's while the CFL has allowed its game to evolve.