A change in attitude?

Has anyone else noticed a change in attitude from CFL fans? I no longer hear about how this is the end of the league and its going to fold... we dont talk about the NFL breaking into our markets and stealing our game?

I dont know maybe its just me but i dont find many people being disparaging to the CFL anymore.

I always found more issue with non CFL fan then those of us who like it. Pretty hard to argue with the high ratings and pretty good attendance(for the most part). Not to mention the higher moral standard in the CFL and it's player. As in fewer cases of dog fighting, drunk driving, raping college chix, suicides and so on.

ya but Non CFL fans always seem to use arguments that you can't fight against.

they are hopeless.

I think the biggest one is "the best players go to the NFL"

like how do you argue that?

one thing that really irks me about the NFL, is, with 32 teams and only 16 games, an 0-2 start, and that team has almost no chance at making the playoffs ( as TSN explained the percentage of 0-2 teams who have made the playoffs ).

so, after 2 weeks, many 'have-not' teams seasons are pretty much done, and are now playing to pad the records of 'the haves'.

32 teams, after 4 weeks, 16 have no playoff chance.
after 6 weeks, maybe 1/3 have playoff chances.
after 10 weeks, you can say only 6 have a shot at winning the SB.

most of the 32 teams are lambs being lead to slaughter by the few good teams...not very interesting, IMO.
( probably why NFL ratings in this country are not very good until the playoffs )

if the NFL had 20 teams, i'd probably watch it. much like the NHL, they chased the dollar over the integrety of the sport, and expanded way too much.

When I am told NFL has the better players, I think to myself... Most likely at least 10 canadians on each team gave strong chance of never even been scouted. How can you say players are better or werse that havnt ben looked at by the American teams.

thats because this year, the talk is all about "lets crucify the refs"

Well, when you've missed as many holding calls as they have...

well, all the refs could keep their eyes only on the trenches the whole play, then they would end up calling holding on every single play and what happened elsewhere wouldnt matter. Wouldnt that be fun. Then there would be another change is attitude of the fans.

I am not sure about NFL, but CFL o-linemen simply cannot play the game without holding. At best, they take turns so only one is doing it at a time. Its called, lets fool the ref and hide the holder. Keep them guessing on who is going to hold on the next play.

FootbalYouBet; Edmonton vs Toronto: A change in attitude may/will be displayed in Moncton? I think a lot of football fans across the nation will be watching this game. :smiley: I'm going to go out on a limb with a never come true prediction, but then again I may get lucky this time? :cowboy:

Edmonton - 29
Toronto - 12

FYB, that was a joke... :lol:

I thought maybe. But I figured I would take that opening to expand on it some for the benifit of those who seriously constantly complain about that. :thup:

The American player is better trained , has played more games, trains all year around when in college and high school ! They put more money in to their programs, WAY MORE ! Also, they have over 300 million pop in the u.s.a , we have 30 million ! You do the math ! Another problem is, football is not even close to the most popular choice in Canada ! I love the CFL , but facts are facts ! A high School team from the States came up to play Winnipeg's best high school football teams. Eden Praire MN. split therir team in half and played two games ! One half CDN rules, 2nd half U.S rules ! Eden praire won 1st game 48 0 and second game was something like 39 0 ! Didn't get a point ! I went to the games and they were bigger, faster, stronger and ran a pro offence !

Our high school here plays montana every year and usually wins. But we could play this gane on every sport. We all have our opinions

Hell ya...

If you Run a 4.4 and have the size you will get noticed and you will get invited to a NFL camp ! Then you can try and beat out 10 other players for that position ! The Canadian kids admit that when in a US. college camp they are behind the learning curve and they have to catch up the best they can ! The American kids don't take the winter off to play Hockey or play another sport ! It's like Canadian Kids playing summer hockey and attending camps in the off season !

I agree there's definitely a change in attitude. But I think it's also in the ranks of the media.
Even networks who don't broadcast the CFL, almost always lead their sport highlights shows with CFL games. We're seeing far more exposure for the league in papers, tv, etc.

I think that's a testament to the CFL and it's fans (who are easily the most loyal fans anywhere in North America)

CFL fans and the media are all intelligent enough to see the CFL's best days are ahead of it and people are starting to notice.

Times are changing though. More and more, we're starting to see guys get serious about football at a younger age.
The caliber of Canadian players is increasing impressively. CIS football is much better and more and more we're seeing players go to major NCAA programs.

One problem with that. Edmonton hasn't scored more than 28 in a game this season and haven't hit 20 on the road since July 24.

Toronto - 26
Edmonton - 15

That’s a good call dcmoses. I can always hope though.

I thought that was every year... :slight_smile: