A Challenge to Saskatchewan's Receivers

Let's throw down, right now. I'll make it real simple, three words.

Start making plays.

Fajardo criticized you all for not making contested catches. Calling you on it publicly was a very bad move on his part, but it doesn't mean that he was wrong. He should not have said that after Week 9's game in Calgary. However, fast forward 7 games later, you're still not making plays! Okay, Duke has made a couple since joining the team but as a group, you're just not getting it done.

The possesion catches, the routine plays, you are doing well. It is a high-percentage offense executing at a pretty high efficiency, but the game changing plays, that's a total fail. Other teams are making them but you guys aren't. You are a relatively young group. Some are even rookies. Most have been in this league less than 2 years and have been praised for your production in proportion to your experience. Are you satisfied with that? Will you rest on those laurels or will you take the next step? This Western Final is a pivotal game in each of your careers. You may not ever get this chance again.

Shaeffer-Baker, you are the team's top rookie. Are you content with that? Sure, you've played well and have made things happen on the field, but all of your highlights are run after catch. I personally have been extremely impressed with your run after catch, but you need more production. You need more than 3 catches per game. On Sunday you were wide open at the back of the endzone - in overtime - and let the game fall right through your hands. Champions catch that. All great playmakers catch that. If you want to be a champion you need to start making those plays. If you are satisfied with simply being Sask's best rookie in 2021, then don't worry about it. You got what you came for.

Lenius, after the near catch in the endzone in the second Calgary game you were asked about that play and you said "Nobody's gonna out-jump me," with such a casual swagger that I was excited for the plays that you were going to make the rest of the year. You still haven't made any! Have you made even a single contested catch since then? You need more production than 2 grabs per game. No one gonna out-jump you? Great, let's see you out-jump someone. Come on, man, get me out of my seat. You have the talent to do it. You're 6'5 and you're a total specimen that can run and jump like nobody's business. Start playing like it.

Shaq, where the hell are you? On that second pick, did you even want the ball? You didn't look like you did. Moxey wanted it. That's why he took it from you. You're the proven vet. You're the leader. You need to get back on that ride right now. Maybe you're still hurt, but there's no excuse for such disinterest and head-hanging. Your QB threw four interceptions but refused to hang his head, and the result is that you live to fight the next round. Your team needs you - right now - today.

Picton, Louis, McInnis, McRoberts, are you content to just be possession guys? It's time to step up. Show us what you're made of.

Duke, you've actually made some big plays. Like you say, it's about having enough dog in you to want it, to scrap for it. Your job is to show the other guys what it takes to get some of that dog blood in them too.

The weak link on this team all year has been the offensive line. Last week they upped their game, kept the QB clean and ran the ball well. This means that you receivers are now the weak link. You're all physical specimens, big and tall and difficult to handle. You're the biggest and most physical group of receivers in the league, but collectively you've made the phrase '50/50 ball' a dirty word in Saskatchewan. Where is the 'go-get-it', the 'step aside b**ch, dats mine!'? There's no excuse for this. You're the type of group that opposing defenses should absolutely hate to play against, so start being that. You are the wildcard. You are the X-factor. You are the added dimension. Step up and seize the opportunity. If you're not interested in that, then enjoy watching the Blue Bombers play in the Grey Cup.


Thinking here that the Duke has been instilling the DOG in the rookies... At least hopefully so. But sometimes it requires an off season of a devastating loss to really drive home the lesson

Shaq was invisible.