A CGY fans perspective on his favorite eastern team

The Cats hung in there last night. After the TD to start the 2nd half, it was 27-16 and looked like it was going to get interesting.

The Cats biggest problem is that they have IMO the best player in the CFL in Jesse Lumsden. He can dominate a game like nobody I have seen, and the Cats have to build the offense around him... it would be a huge mistake not to. But in a short week, huge adjustments have to be made to play without him.

They moved the ball well at times without Lumsden, which I think says a lot because I presume the offense is basically built around him. Smith didn't impress but he is a great change of pace type RB to give Lumsden a breather, I think when both of them are in the lineup (along with Printers) the Cats have the best running attack the league has seen in years. But CP and the receivers need time to get some chemistry.

The Stamps haven't had much turnover in offensive personnel for 3 or 4 years and looked better than ever. When on their game, they have been able to pick apart any D in the CFL. Without Lumsden to gobble up yards on the ground and sustain drives, the Cats D was on the field a lot last night. When playing an offense like the Stamps, the best defense is a good offense.

So in my view, the Cats were without their best offensive player (Lumsden) and their best defensive player (Lumsden) and 2 minutes into the 3rd quarter it was an 11 point game.

(From a Cats fan perspective) I'm glad they rested Lumsden. This was a tough road game on the Cats schedule. I want Lumsden healthy to put on a show for you fans in Hamilton. Yeah I know every game is important, but in the CFL you only need to beat the good teams a couple times in November. If you have a winning record at home, and beat the bad teams on the road (TOR, WPG) you make the playoffs.

Years ago, I saw the Stamps take the lead over the Esks 4-0 at McMahon. I had never seen the Stamps beating the Esks before. Final score? 54-4 Eskimos. :oops: Now that was a bad loss.

The only thing I read into this game is that Lumsden is a pretty important part of the team.

That is perspective alright.

Given time, we'll be fine.

Holy crap that's a long post... :oops:

I tried to be brief


I agree I believe the cats are a different team without a strong running game. The stamps stopped the run forcing the cats to pass. When you do not have a balanced attack on offense your not going to score much and your defense is on the field all night. Think of last nights game as a bump on the road. Jesse is back next week and will help with production. That game reminded me of Calgary a few years ago. I am still suspect of Denny Crehans defensive system. But I think things will work out this is a young team that is starting to hit its stride.

Our attack was balanced.

103 yards rushing, 231 passing isn't bad.

It was the inconsistency with the turnovers (correctable) and ineffective pass rush which resulted in a porous defence.

Thing is, everyone was talking before the game about how Hamilton had depth to replace Lumsden in Smith and Caulley. And yet Caulley was barely used despite the fact that Smith couldn't even execute the zone read properly without putting the ball on the ground.

Lumsden is an exceptional running back. But in a way, his talent masks systemic problems with your offense. He can make something happen on a broken play or turn a one-yard gain into a 12-yard gain. But that's just him using his natural ability. Take him out of the lineup and replace him with a good but not exceptional running back and the problems with a Marcel Bellefeuille offense become evident.

Those three failed attempts to find the end zone at the end of the second quarter made me feel like I was watching my Als from last year. Up the gut, same play, completely predictable, and easy to stuff. A Lumsden might have been able to punch it in through sheer power and force of will. A Smith or a Caulley can't do it and it's unfair to expect them to bail out the poor playcalling of their O.C.

A Lumsden might have been able to punch it in through sheer power and force of will. A Smith or a Caulley can't do it and it's unfair to expect them to bail out the poor playcalling of their O.C.
Exactly: I said it last week. lack of creativity on the part of the OC. The more we try to put it up the gut the more other teams know that's all we got. It will comeback to haunt us time and time again.

I think we were ill prepared for this game. No excuses. Calgary is a fine team. I think that we just don`t have a lot of confidence. Right from the start we came out shakey, and it looked like we were going to be in for a long night. Especially when you start off games with fumbles, bad snaps and misreads. We were behind the 8 ball right off the start.

Someone also said the best defence is a strong offence. Exactly. We have to move the ball and stop giving it away. I would rather see 10 yards at a time then go for these long passes. Our short pass yardage is actually pretty darn good. I don't think Bauman has missed a pass in both games. he should be our short game go-to-guy.

Whats' refreshing to see is Bauman run a pattern for first down yardage unlike the usual 2 to 3 yards short that we're so accustomed to seeing in Hamilton. He gains his position and protects the pass with his body. I like what he's showing us.

I will say this tcfan,

I am happy about Printers arm, and the fact that he can throw a completed pass 40-50 yards.( as apposed to a former QB, last year)

Its just too bad we havent seen those passes in the end zone!!

For his first game Rodriguez impressed me

I agree loyalfan. The long pass is there this year and I want to see Printers use it, but not out of desperation. We use it as a weapon not as a saviour. We need ball control and field position. heck I don't think Setta even got a shot at a field goal last night. Man with the wind in the first half he could have kicked one from our side of the 45 yrd line but we never got close enough...

Yes, Tcfan.

Printers made some bad decisions last night. He did not play like a semi-veteran.

I do think Setta could have had a few field goals, if not for our turnovers in their zone.

As Salivantis said in the broadcast - "The game started at 7:00, but the Cats showed up at 7:30.
I think they didn't show up at all.
2 problems:

  1. The CATS are basing their entire offense around Lumsden. BAD move. Lumsden should be used to COMPLEMENT the offense, not to completely take over.
    If Lumsden goes down ( like yesterday ) - half the offense goes out the window.
  2. Creehan has to be replaced. You think Calgary got rid of him because he was good? We only got him because of CFL experience, but he has no good defensive schemes to shut down any offense.
    So long as this stays the same, so will our record.
:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I totally agree with you. If you look at Calgarys defense while Crehan was in there it was catch up football for the offense each year. Our defense was dead last each year got to tell you a lot about the coaching. Denny Crehan was blaming the bad play to management. Well cat fans last night if you reversed uniforms I would have said wow that looks like the Stamps a couple of years ago. They still do not have good receivers for printers to hit sorry those guys looked like arena football to me. You have to remember the Stamp defense is mostly all new players. Adn if your receivers are not getting open that tells you something.

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Dunagan Calls us the Hamilton Curl Cats

I have been a Cats fan for 30yrs and have had plenty of ups and downs as a result. But last night's game against Calgary was just about the most disgraceful display of defense that could be imagined. In the glory days, we could count on defense to keep us winning. The opposite is true now, obviously. Ok, we did not have Lumsden who could keep OUR defense off the field. But there is no excuse for what happened last night. Any high school team could pass forever against that secondary. Where were they most of the time? Its clearly time for OB to show some steel and send someone a message before we have to put up with another train wreck. He cannot keep counting on patience to solve problems that have been years in the making.

i agree with your post completely brettinhalifax
_ But lumsden isn't making 500 g,s a season, and its up to Printers , to put together the Passing Game, Now that the receiving Core is improved from last season, this should be academic ,,But One would think that Using Lumsden FULL time would be Academic too, (not counting sitting him for injury) But subbing him with smith ??? whats with that?? It took Taaffe 12 Games to get Lumsden 20 touches. , If he wants to Stay H.C of the Ticats he,d better get the Offence Lighting it up, the Defence Creating turnovers, And S.T. scoring and creating turnovers.

Lumsden is too good to be used to complement the offense. Maybe he can be used that way next year if CP and the receivers develop some chemistry. Maybe he is too fragile to be the offense's centerpiece, but I think the jury is still out. Right now, he is the Cats best (only?) weapon.

Using Lumsden to complement the offense is like saying a first line centre should only get every fourth shift.

I agree with the mention of Caulley not being used enough. Look at his 10~ yard TD run.. he's a gamer all the way! He showed enough last year and has more pro experience than Smith. I don't get it..