A CFL video game

Are sales figures based on copied put into stores, or how many people actually bought the game and went home with it?

If it's the former, then that the AFL is in the States makes a HUGE difference. U.S. and Canadian stores would stock an AFL game. Canadian stores and some U.S. stores would stock a CFL game.

I've seen the AFL game in Ottawa. I don't doubt that a CFL game would be available as well.

On the flip side, Salt Lake City has an AFL team. Stores in Utah would stock an AFL game. It's not as certain that they would stock a CFL game.

Great post barnes7.

i agree with you that there wouldnt be lots of copies sold, but i do think that there would be enough to warrant the time and effort to make a CFL game.

i just hope they atleast make one so all i have to do is remake players

....I think the CFL should look into creating a PC game based on Microsoft Flight Simulator's 'Air Cargo' expansion pack....it would be called Microsoft Flight Simulator 'CFL Charter Flight'.....the gamer is responsible for arranging a CFL team's flight plans and then ACTUALLY flying the plane to the away game destination.....DOESN"T THAT SOUND FREAKIN FUN?!?!?!.....C'mon, back me up on this you guys!!!....

I voted yes but there are some negatives..such as that states might not be interested in a league they probably never heard of..in canada it would be a huge hit but may not be a big hit

For the AFL?

Sales Figures I do beleive are based on Copies of the AFL game sold.

Yes the AFL is in the US, can we get over this fact?

the AFL's Attendance is.. NOT HIGH
The AFL's TV viewership is.. NOT HIGH

The CFL has better viewership in canada of it's Regular Season games(attendances) AND has well over 4 times it's own national audience watching YEARLY for it's championship game vs. the AFL which can't draw 1M people in all of the united states to watch it's championship game.

I fail to see or care why it matters that the AFL is in the US, if they can't even get 1M people to watch their championship game, heck if they can't even get 15K in their arena to watch their championship game.

YET somehow they sell 500K copies to the first edition of the AFL video game.

the CFL has more fans then the AFL
CFL game > AFL game

That's how it should work.

Easy enough way to figure it.
CFL video game:

30K+ copies sold in BC
30K+ copies sold in northern alberta(Edmonton/Banff)(I'd expect 50K+)
30K+ Copies sold in Southern Alberta(Lethbridge/Calgary)
30K+ copies sold in Saskatchewan(I'd expect 50K+)
30K+ copies sold in Manitoba(I'd expect 50K+)
60K+ sold in all of ontario(likely more in the 70K+ range, must be released away from the NHL season)
40K+ sold in Quebec(province)
10-15K+ sold in the Maritimes

Total sold in canada: 260K MIN!!!, most likely 335K+

Total Sold in the states.. tough to tell. I'd say 100K, but depends on marketing/Copies available.

Hey you put a trailer for the CFL game on other EA sports games(NHL, NBA, Madden and NCAA football and basketball) and sales down south for the CFL game would likely increase greatly possible to 250-300K(down south alone).

Considering the way Manitoba is setup, I wouldn't be suprised if the game sold 50-75K copies in Manitoba, the sole reason that could be off.

Can't remember the exact number, but there are something like.. 300-350K households in Manitoba.
I know there is around 10-11M in canada.

So that's looking for around 15-20% of Manitoban + Saskatchewan households to have a single copy of the CFL game... I don't really think that is too far off. In fact it could be higher in the football crazed provinces.

Overall in canada a very low total of 5% of households owning the game would be 500K copies sold.
doesn't seem far off when 4M people or over 10% of the country watch the grey cup yearly.

To put it a different way.
if 4M+(don't forget atleast 40K in attendance) canadians watch the grey cup yearly, thus are fans of the CFL.
then what are the odds that 10-15% of CFL fans will own a copy of the game?
I'd say it's fairly good. only 10% of CFL fans.
10% of CFL fans and that's 400K copies sold IN CANADA ALONE!
15% of CFL fans and that's 600K!!! copies sold in canada alone.

Before someone says it, yes there are alot of gamers in canada, Millions as a matter of fact. over 1M game systems got sold in 2006.

In fact, 94K systems were sold NOT INCLUDING 73K portable systems(like Game boys)
That's just THIS June alone.
there are alot alot alot of people with video game systems in canada.
Just saying this to dispel any possible argument that CFL fans won't have video game systems.

I'm not sure of the numbers, but considering pretty much any male I know(under 30 and alot over 30) who was raised in canada has a video game system, it's a non-issue.
The big issue would be how many systems is the game available on.
Now if it's on the computer then again no problem as I'm thinking almost every CFL fan has a Computer and if they don't well they can't argue here now can they?

but Releasing a game in say.. October 08, for the 3 next Gen System(PS3, 360 and Wii) + PC... ya I know programming issues blah blah blah. Sales will be fine.

AGAIN NO YEARLY RELEASES! Once ever 2 or 3 years is all that's needed, don't flood the market, let fans have time to desire the next copy.

All that's needed in the off year or two is a patch to update the Rosters + minor rule changes + bugs + possibly playbooks

And work on Graffics/Gameplay + all the other big stuff(dynasty mode) in the new version released 2 or 3 years down the line, meaning the game should also do rather well sales wise.

IT BETTER BE 10 TEAMS or 8 with the ability to expand to 10.

There are several other lil bits of a game that must be there, but I won't get into that. Bed time.

It's relevant because of level of exposure. I'm assuming that the 400,000 quoted before is for all of North America.

I actually believe that sales figures are based on copies acquired by stores as opposed to copies that are taken home by a consumer. I stand to be corrected there though.

If so, the AFL then would have a HUGE advantage. U.S. stores would stock an AFL game. U.S. stores are far less likely to stock a CFL game.

The AFL also has their AF2 in smaller markets to generate interest there. Arkansas has a team, for example, and have for a number of years. They get exposure for the AFL style that the CFL doesn't. They therefore would have an advantage in game sales. Why would stores in Arkansas stock a CFL game??

So that AFL sales would be higher despite lower attendance and viewership could makes sense. You couldn't take their totals and extrapolate an estimate for the CFL. So you can't look at sales in North America for the AFL game and say "If the CFL gets three times the viewers, it would also sell three times more games". It's just not that simple.

Why is the AFL game sold in canada?
there is no AFL team in canada? Canadians have shown no desire to watch the AFL.
Toronto had an AFL team I do beleive and it died rather nicely(2001-2002)

Yet why oh why can I go to future shop or EB games and buy or atleast I could have(not sure if their still there, might be a good cheap game now like 5-10$)?

No one in canada watches the Arena football league.
I'm pretty sure if there was a sizeable fan base in canada, the AFL would have tried putting more then one team in canada, perhaps trying Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa or Vancouver instead of just TO.

Before anyone says the Phantoms had high attendance, just found their attendance numbers, under 7K both years.

Yet WHY is the game available in Canada?
I think lifetime I've watched 1 half of AFL football... that's rounding up.

How is it wrong to look at their attendance numbers? this year they averaged 12.4K

League total was 1.9M(CFL had over 2M last year)


Isn't that easy to compare? you can go to the arena bowl for 12$
You can't go to the grey cup for less then 100$(atleast in 2006)

How can a game sell if the leagues fans won't pay 12$ or 20$ for the championship game?
Why would a fan pay 25-30$ for a video game and not 12$ for the live championship game?

AFL tickets are cheaper then CFL tickets unless you sit in the first 3 rows.. AND THEY STILL DON"T SELL-OUT ARENA"S!!!

Why does this matter?
It seems to show that the CFL has a stronger fan base.
Atleast a fan base willing to buy games.

The AFL isn't a young league, it's 21 years old now, they should be getting more then 12.4K fans per game.

The CFL gets more then 12.4K fans to Exhibition games in cities like Quebec city, Halifax and London.

2 random teams playing a pre-season game sell more tickets at a much higher cost then a AFL regular season game.
2 random teams playing a pre-season game in halifax sold 11K Tickets with the cheapest being 40$.

Again why does this matter?
Because it seems to show that there is support for the CFL outside of the base 8 cities in canada.

Now why will a CFL game sell in the US?
the same reason an AFL game is "supposed" to sell in the US, past teams.

Baltimore, Memphis, Shreveport, Vegas, Birmingham, San Antonio and Sacramento.

7 cities in 7 states who had CFL teams.

and Attendance wise they actually did better then many current AFL teams.

Baltimore averaged over 30K fans in both their years of exsitence.(worth 2.5 AFL teams)
Texans - 15.8K
Memphis - 14.5K
Birmingham - 16.8K
Shreveport - 17.9K(for a GLEIBERMAN TEAM!!!)
Sacremento - 14.3K
Vegas - like 10K(It's Vegas, beat out the AFL Vegas team)

These aren't huge attendance figures, but those almost every CFL US team, had higher average attendance then a Average AFL team.
There are still die-hard CFL fans IN BALTIMORE! They come north yearly for the grey cup.

Every game needs a hook, well have having historic rosters allow for American CFL fans to have their US teams.

Is this good enough to show why the CFL could sell atleast 100K copies in the US?

If nothing else, it shows how hungry the US is for football, so there is a good chance a CFL game would be bought up just because it's a football game.

The key is to release it before Madden and NCAA.

If it's US release is say June, that gives it what? 2 full months advance of NCAA and Madden? and is in fact a way for EA sports to market NCAA/Madden(by putting previews of NCAA and Madden on the game liket hey do for all games)

[url=http://www.sportexe.com/turf_news_PIP_EA-Arena-Football-Game-Picks-Up-Sales.htm]http://www.sportexe.com/turf_news_PIP_E ... -Sales.htm[/url]

That specificly says 500K units sold.
If that's units sold to stores or to costumers is unknown, but atleast some is to custumers as EA sports allows gamers to buy directly from them.

Even if profits from sales don't justify the cost of producing and distributing the game, its very existence on the shelves would add value to the CFL brand, and would therefore make it worthwhile for the league to invest in, or even to subsidize.

EA Sports pays the NFL for the rights to use the names and logos of the league and the teams, as well as the names of the players.

The CFL should allow the company (whichever company that may be) to use all names and logos free of charge. In addition they may also "invest" in the game, by covering some of the cost of its production and distribution, in exchange for a percentage of sales.

Let's face it, unlike with the NFL and Madden, in our case the league would have more to gain than the company would.

True enough, but the difficulty there is putting a price on it. If the game loses 1M, was it worth it for brand reinforcement? How about 5M? I'm sure opinions would vary.