A CFL video game

i think that the league should look into partnering up with EA sports or one of the other game making companies to make a game for our great 3 down version of football. i take alot of pride in this game of ours, and would love to see a game for PC or any console. reply and tell me what you think, or just answer the poll.

Cheers, Chris Stewart

I voted yes, but I will also tell you why it is unlikely to work.

The market for a CFL game just isn't large enough for EA to create a stand alone game. I don't think the CFL could provide enough incentive for them to go ahead and spend time creating a game that's unlikely to make them a profit.

We could perhaps see a smaller independent Canadian company try to create a CFL game but I find it unlikely a large company would go ahead with one.

I agree with Dust. The market isn't there. The CFL fan base is pretty small, and now consider, how many CFL fans are also gamers.

I like the CFL, but I'm not a big gamer. I play Star Craft and Serious Sam on my PC occasionally, but that's about it.

I would definitely play a CFL video game.

This is the most repeated topic there is, right after expansion

good call ro. guys almost everyone here wants one because we all love football gaes and would enjoy playing with our teams. but it happens it is going to be a small company, and not very good. mos people think it'll madden and it won't even be close. the cfl is not big enough for a big market name like EA to make the game.

has anyone actually emailed mark cohon about it he would give u an answer

I too voted yes because i would love a CFL game.But it won't happen with EA.It would sell virtually 0 copies down south, and sales in Canada wouldn't be enough profit for EA to do it.

i honestly think if they don't make a game then they should put a patch on Madden.

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Why doesnt money bags over in hamilton throw some money into it. He's throwing enough money into that franchise just throw some into a game. :lol:

a possible solution would be to create a customizable football game where you could change some parameters such as size of field, number of down etc... Would this be really difficult to do? I do not believe so. how about crating a CFL player list and jerseys, also quite easy.

Google "maximum-football"

to do a Patch you have to Know the Games Base Code.
These Games programing Codes are top Secrets
You have to reverse engineer the game to get the code


Games needs some work no head to head play via Ip to ip.
Graphics are not so great

But it is fixable..
I bought it to support the Author

Maximum Football is a good attempt but there are way too many issues with it (price point, bugs, rule irregularities, low level graphics, etc.). In all fairness to the creator, he pretty much created the whole game himself on his home computer.

I figure he knows especially since he's mentioned visiting schools and he has a youth council.

The maximum football looks pretty good. If I involve myself in something similar then it will be freeware.

Just to throw some numbers out. The first edition of EA Sports Arena Football (for PS2 and Xbox) sold 400,000 copies which prompted a second edition (for PS2 only) which sold 100,000. Can a CFL game produce similar sales numbers?

i believe they can... not only would a lot of fans buy it for themselves, but even the ones that dont play video games, would probably buy it for there kids.. i think it would sell out in the first week if they made a limited number of copies for an experamint... id definately try and grab a hold of one

id buy a whole new system just for a cfl game
and im sure a lot of other fans feel the same way

People underestimate the amount of games that would be sold for a CFL football game.

400-500K could easily happen.

HOWEVER, this should not be expected yearly, that would be foolish.
if there was a CFL game ever 2 or 3 years it could have sales in the 300K+ range, likely higher because why is it there won't be sales in the states? People don't like to buy EA sports games down south do they? wait a tick yes they do.

It doesn't matter if follow the NCAA or NFL, people still buy those games. I don't follow either and I own a copy of each because their good football games.

if the CFL game, was that a GOOD football game and it easily could be then it should sell.

I know a good amount of people that rarely go to football games(CFL) that would buy a CFL game.

Let's compare the AFL to the CFL.

Arena Bowl 20 (2006) TV viewership - under 1M people. -Live crowd 13-14K
94th Grey cup (2006) TV viewership - Over 4M
Live crowd - 44-45K

yet for some reason the CFL will only sell a fraction of as many games as the AFL?

yes the AFL is in the states, but that doesn't mean it can sell more games.
there are alot of minor league football leagues however there are only really 2 Pro football leagues, NFL + CFL and maybeee the AFL.

the CFL would likely have pretty decent sales down south, not at all close to Madden of course, but six figures sales.(Mainly from Maryland(Baltimore), US fans + all NCAA fanatics who want to see say a game with Charlie roberts in it)

BTW, the CFL is looking into a CFL game.. so what's the point of a pole? Cohon has said he's looking into it, but anyone who thinks that a game would be made overnight is living in a dreamworld.
It is also unlikely if a game did get started that it would be announced so prematurely.
In all likeliness it would be a suprise, 1-2 months before it's release and just let CFL fans go insane that a game is coming out in 1-2 months.