A CFL twist of the past

The 1981 Grey Cup game won by Edmonton 26-23 in one of the great comeback wins in history. However there was a twist; Tight end Tony Gabriel of Ottawa and defensive back Hayes of Edmonton were called for double interference on this play; an apparent 20 yard gain called back. Defensive coach Bob O'Billovich said "It just should never be. Only one guy can interfere." Anyway with time running out Moon drives the Esk's down field for Cutlers winning field goal. Any thoughs anyone on double interference?

Wasn't Ottawa like 5-11 that year and in the grey cup?? Glad they did lose. Should be a rule that you have to be at least .500 Anyway I think double interference is fine. If both players are in position for the ball and they both interfere with each other, usually at different times. I would rather see a double interference penalty than a flag being picked up.

Quoted by ugo: "Should be a rule that you should be at .500 to make playoffs". Well that year Ottawa placed second at 5-11 and Montreal third at 3-13. So thus, Ottawa earned their way to the Cup with wins over Montreal 20-16 and then upset Hamilton 17-13 in the east final.

Be thankful for that embarrassment of an Eastern Conference that season....it is the season that spawned the crossover.

Eastern conference embarressment that season you say; not even close as the Eskimo's won that game in the greatest comeback Grey Cup wins of alltime. :cowboy: I was a Lions fan at that time however.

Didn't there used to be a "Pick Play" penalty? two receivers could not cross routes in order to make defenders collide?

From what I gather and read the news of it after bringing the article up on google: the replays should Gabriel elbowing Hayes while running his route and Hayes interfering with Gabriel while the ball was airborne. From what I understand is the double came as Gabriel pushed off Hayes to catch the ball for the 20 yard apparant gain and was called back. This piece of history is 29 years ago. Wow.

It's because of 5-11 teams making the playoffs there is the crossover, I've heard people bash the idea, but i have no problem with the chance of anybody playing anybody for the g.c as long as they deserve it. A 5-11 team doesn't deserve to play the second season. My point is off tiopic but hearing about how a 5-11 team almost won the Grey Cup is sad, glad Edmonton won.

For your info; no crossover back then and I think it was stated by someone on here that Ottawa placed second that year at 5-11 and Montreal at 3-13 for third place in 1981 that season. But yea, credits to Edmonton who did win.

The dbs were water skiing behind Gabriel that whole game.

If the db's were water sking in that Grey Cup affair, I wonder about the wide open Gabriel in the endzone to win it for the Rough Riders over Sask. in the 1976 tilt. Could it be that Tom Clements is a genius and the db fell for it? A catch by Gabriel that did become famous.