A CFL Movie

I have a great idea for a CFL football movie plot. It should centre on a group of American college football players who go into the CFL because they get cut form the NFL or are undersized. Then, they play in a few games which highlight the great CFL games rules (Singles, No Yards, Action Point, etc), then half way though the movie, a guy gets an opportunity to play in the NFL and takes it, much to the dismay of his fellow players and CFL fans. He goes down to the NFL and plays great but is only used for this and that but he clearly has great talent, he gets money but hates his situation. In the end, he goes back to the CFL and reconnects with his fellow players and together they play and win the cup at the end of the movie.

What do you think?

Like Billy Soup would say thats torch it!

so you don't like it?

any other opions? hello?

I'm talking to myself, aren't I?

Not bad. But imo you need a better reason to make that guy come back to the CFL. If not that will be a sci-fi movie. No offense intend mate :slight_smile:

Well, it's a fictional story, unless there is a good example in real life.

any suggestions?

He basic comes back becase he feels guilty leaving his friends, fans, and superstar satuts behind for money and the NFL hype, etc.

What a good idea.
Cfl movie.
As long as there is no swearing,and rated G.
Sounds good to me!!!
God bless!!!

Explained this way it sound much better. A movie based on the CFL would be great. It would be a nice publicity for the League. Write off a script and try it. If someone see an opportunity for $$$, you may have your chance for success.

Might be a pretty feel-good movie for a youth crowd. Kind of a "Mighty Ducks" feel. . .

But You’ve Ruined It By Giving Away The Ending.

I Say You Modle It After Playmakers, A Drama That Way It Shows How His Opinion Of The League Goes From How He Thinks He’ll Be The Best To The Realizeation Of Just How Talented The League Is.

I like the idea. How about some possible actors to play these parts????

There's One That Would Be Great For A Young QB That I Have In Mind. Unfortunatly The Show He Was On Was Produced By The CBC And I Searched The CBC's Website But The Only Thing It'll Tell Me Is The Alternet Schedual. He Was One Of The Leads On The Show 'Edgemont' That's On Saterdays At 12:00.

Another Really Good Actress Is Jennefer Finnigan From Montreal. I Absolutly Feel In Love With Her When She Was Briefly On NBC's 'Committed' And She Would Be Great As A Support Character Such As A Cheerleader/Love Intrest, Or Maybe A Back Home Reletive That Knows Nothing Of The League And Gains Intrest Watching The Games And Supporting Her Relative.

Apparently Ben Malroony Can Act. He Was Cast As A Reporter In Fantastic Four. I Guess You Could Use Him For Something.......... You Know, If You Really Need To.

I'd Like To See Rick Mercer As A Colour Comintator Along With Just For Laughs' Rahg Bendernana......... Well Whatever His Name Is, You Guys Know Who I'm Talking About.

How about ...." the TERRY EVENINSTON [sp]. THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF " : story, on CTV, this fall.

A CFL player who is Canadian born , becomes a huge STAR in the CFL only to be hit by a drunk diver and loose all his total memory...not even rememberibg his CFL days or his family.
He survives, and is still alive today.


Jennifer Finnigan will be back on CBS this year with an new show called close to home. She plays a lawyer I believe. She has had a strange career since leaving the soaps She was on Crossing JOrdan for half a season then had her own comedy(Was not very funny) for another half and now a new one this year.

Thanks Ro, I'll Be Sure To Try And Watch It Assuming It's On A Canadian Counterpart. I Imagine You Would've Had The Luxery Of Being Able To See Her Early Stuff When She Was With The Comedy Troupe "Yikes!".

For Anyone Interested In Any Of Ms. Finnigan's Past TV Roles:

No I never saw that.
CTV will be showing it starting Oct 4th

I'm glad that my idea has got folks on this site talking! I'm not so crazy after all eh? :wink:

Sorry abou revering the ending but if you were to see the movie, you'd know it was coming. I got my idea form watching "Any Given Sunday", "Remember the Titans" and recently "Friday Night Lights".

I was also thinking that one of the characters could be Japanese, football is kinda big over in Japan.

A Japanese player/character? Dude, you're turning a stellar "Any Given Sunday" concept into one like "The Replacements" (which did feature Keenu Reeves, a Canadian, as QB)

Oh yeah, saw that movie too!