A CFL mock draft pre-combine

Fun fact: On a CFL game-day roster there are 21 NAT players, and 7 are required to start. That means that the starting NAT players will be out-numbered by the non-starting NAT players by 2-to-1 at any given time.

Drafting a player who fills a non-starting role does not constitute a failed draft pick.

21 game day NAT players is why the team needs to keep as many of their drafted players as they can.

Management made the decsion to draft these players.
Logically with management controlling the cuts the teams drafted players will stick around.
Now when they become starters is when they are successful draft picks.

Chapman is an asset that might sign with us . Dakota Shepley, the Riders first rounder from the 2018 draft, just signed in Sask . He toured NFL camps last season, never playing a down in Regina. Ryan Hunter, the Argo first round pick last year, is still with the NFL Chiefs, never having played a down in Toronto.

We still have the Als’ first pick in this year’s draft ( 10th overall in the second round) as part of the Bomben trade. TiCat management did the right thing in trying to draft the best player available. It cost them a veteran OLineman who has since been traded again to the Argos . Perhaps his value has diminished over time.

I’m looking forward to the May 2 draft and especially the 10th overall pick. :slight_smile: Of course, we have five picks in the first 22 ( #2, #10, #11, #20, and #22)

Pat Lynch (the old as dirt guy)

An interesting development. Does he already have a deal in place, and doesn’t need to showcase his talents, or is he just trying to avoid being drafted, to allow him to shop around? Interesting indeed.

Or he’s nursing an injury and trying to hide it.

or is he fat out of shape and slow and doesnt want everyone to see that?

the fact that he attended tells me he is interested.

Looks like Shane Richards participated in Oklahoma States pro day. Maybe he figures the scouts will go off of that.

Another possibility is that his pro day results are what he’s willing to go with . The chance of injury is also a fear before the draft . His pro day was March 13 in Stillwater OK.

Maybe the honourable thing to do was what Mike Kerrigan did with the Esks . He was cut in the NFL and flew to Edmonton on the team’s dime . He was then contacted by the Patriots and returned to the states after thanking the Esks for the opportunity. Later the Esks received a cheque in the mail reimbursing them for the plane tickets . That would be the classy thing to do if you’re not going to participate.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I did not know that story. Mike Kerrigan is a class act. Thanks for sharing.

“I’d like to go between the first and third rounds,” says Gibbon, listed by the CFL as the only Hamilton player to qualify for the combine. “I think I did pretty well here.”
Among the 12 draft-eligible offensive linemen tested in Toronto, the six-foot-four, 300-pounder ranked fastest in the 40-yard dash and second in the bench press, broad jump and shuttle and three-cone drills. At last May’s U Sports East-West Bowl in Quebec City, the left tackle was assigned to block the consensus best talent in this year’s draft, Laval’s Mathieu Betts, and held his own.
Destined for guard or centre work as a pro, Gibbon doesn’t care which team drafts him, although he’d “be pretty happy if it was Hamilton. I’m a Ticats fan.”

You have to wonder about Ed Hervey and the BC Lions draft for this year . The Cats have 5 picks ( #2, 10, 11, 20, and 22) before the Lions have their first pick. The Lions have #24, 31, 40, 47, 49, 58, and 67.

The Cats finish with #56, 63, and 65.

If each pick is considered an asset, then the Cats management is far superior in managing their assets.

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Don’t count all your platypus before they hatch. We will see how many of these “assets” stick around after they choose to audition down south for more lucrative employment opportunities.

B.C. traded their 1st round 2019 draft pick for a 1st round 2018 draft pick choosing Julien LAURENT the #1 ranked DLineman last year.

He is on their roster and too a managable asset.

Presumably our braintrust will allocate our picks among (a) players likely to show up and play for our team, and (b) players who are really, really good and therefore unlikely to report to camp this year, if ever.

I’d prefer that we focus on category (a) for reasons that should be obvious.

That is the shell game that the CFL draft is
High risk vs high reward.
Take a guy like Alex Singleton. He signed in the NFL and he slid in the CFL draft.
Fast forward a couple seasons and you have the best player from that draft playing for you.

Andy Fantuz and Jesse Lumsden both tried the NFL and returned to Canada.

Linden Gaydosh and Corey Mace a couple examples of guys who were drafted high in the draft and signed with NFL teams only to come back and not be difference makers many thought they would be.

do your research and get lucky seems to be the CFL draft receipe for success.

The same recipe applies for pretty much every pro sport league . Research, interview, research again, and then hope you’ve made the right choice . For every Rocky DiPietro who plays 14 seasons for the Cats, there’s a Linden Gaydosh. For every Giftopoulos, there’s aEvan Gill.

Having more picks suggests that you’ll be more successful, perhaps. :wink: That’s where the team scouting becomes so critical . The days of drafting one of the owners’ sons, Will Grant (2001),are long gone.

We’re building our Canadian talent base .I got a good feeling about this draft . Duvernay- Tardif, Covington, Auclair, and Onyemata -type players may choose an NFL career but I’m hoping we get a couple of similar guys for our Cats. We have 5 of the first 22 picks . There’s gotta be some gems in there ! :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the older person)

“Two players from non-traditional OUA schools, but don’t be mistaken Desjarlais and Gibbons are studs,? one scout said.