A CFL mock draft pre-combine

The first 2019 mock draft, tells of some players we really know nothing about. ???


PS- there is another Fresno State DB mentioned at the bottom of the article,
DB Matthew Boateng, Fresno State, I could see him getting picked up by us for obvious reasons

Note to John Hodges:

The Ottawa REDBLACKS don’t have a selection-pick 16- in round 2.

Belongs to the Alouettes. Pick was traded to the Alouettes for Int. LB Chris Ackie.


These mock drafts are fun an all but rarely are they anywhere near accurate or even close to it .
Oh and just as an example , pick #22 Hamilton Ti-Cats , Fullback Nikola Kalinic ? someone should tell Hodge that the fullback position is nonexistent and has gone the way of the Dodo in a June Jones led offence . I’m not sure if Hodge has been paying attention or not but we haven’t had a fullback since we said bye-bye to CO Prime a few years back . Perhaps someone can tell him…just saying is all .

When Whitlock was in the backfield last season, It was pretty much as a FB

The Cats ,Peg, and Argos are best positioned in the first 3 rounds of the draft. In this mock draft, Hodge has the Cats taking a receiver from U Conn. I believe that Justin McInnis from Arkansas St. is the top receiver. He had 105 catches in 2017 -2018, at 6’6" 205 .

Shane Richards OL 6’8" 335 Oklahoma St. is a bulldozer at right tackle who played in the Liberty Bowl.

Either one of these two players would be my first pick after the Argos. Jamie Harry DB from Ottawa attended the Gridiron Showcase in Fort Worth Texas in January. He is highly rated .

With 5 picks in the first twenty two, the Cats should be able to find relacements for Courtney Stephen, Mercer Timmis, Terrel Davis, and maybe Landon Rice.

The first combine starts Monday, so we will begin to compare players and their performance numbers as well as game videos.

I love this time of year because it promises an end to this wretched winter. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

That is one massive human being. Masoli would likely boink a couple of throws off the back of this guy’s head. ;D

Heck, even the kicker (apparently to be named later) may boink him a couple of times.

At 6’7" 343 , Maurice Simba, the Concordia Stinger OLineman may be even more sun blocking than Shane Richards .
Simba’s pro day was attended by NFL scouts as was Richards’ at Okl. St. .

The CFL site has video of Mathew Betts, the DL from Laval . He played in the Shrine Game with our guy, Joel Van Pelt DL 6’4" 260 . Betts is a beast with Montford kind of speed at 6’3" 250 .

Here’s the dilemma with the CFL Draft . Simba, Richards, and Betts will either be drafted in the NFL or signed as free agents . Do the Cats draft players like this early or gamble that they’ll be around in the 2nd or 3rd round of our draft ? If past practice is a guide, we’ll probably pass on these guys and take kids who can contribute now as special teamers or depth players.

And this iswhy we watch the combines and the CFL Draft because of the many mysteries and plot twists.
I love this time of year ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the aged one)

From what I’ve seen over the past few years, the best guys to go for are top receivers and O linemen from CIS.

The guys that are in the American system, particularly in the “skilled” positions are going to be at least 3 years before they consider the CFL. Probably even longer now that the AAF is running cause they’ll likely get on the field faster.

Pick Canadians from Canadian universities. They always seem to end up being the hot commodities in a short time

Simba the Lion? ;D

Look at the size of these kids today. :o

A guy like “Refrigerator” Perry might be deemed too small in today’s game.

Lol, that’s true.

Here is a mock draft made by PxP guy Marshall Ferguson

Ferguson mentions how the Cats are playing with house money as a result of the Manziel deal . :o The Manziel picks are for 2020 and 2021 . “Irregardless”, here are my picks for the first 3 rounds for the Cats.
Round 1 Justin McInnis WR Ark. St.
Round 2 Maurice Simba OL Concordia
Mathew Boateng DB Fresno St.
Round 3 Jamie Harry DB Ottawa
Fraser Sopik LB Western

As of today, we don’t have any picks in rounds 4, 5 , and 6 . The Cats have one pick in the 7th and two picks in the 8th (final round).

Ferguson has DL as an early pick for us but we already have Laurent, Capicciotti, McGough, Van Pelt, Vaughn, Wade, and Westerman . DL is not a need. It might be a wish.
A backup Cdn. running back should be a late round consideration.

The National Combine usually has a few kids jumping up out of nowhere and some disappointments from the more highly rated prospects. It will be interesting to watch this weekend. The CFL Draft is May 2.

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian who favours more Cdn roster spots)

I like your draft. Harry and Sopik would give the Ti-Cats more depth at SLB and Safety. Simba could develop into an allstar RT. McInnis provides depth behind Mike Jones and Boateng has the speed to play CB.

The Cats 2018 draft picks that are still with the team : Darius Ciraco OL, Jackson Bennett DB/LB, Brett Wade DL, Marcus Davis WR, Joel Van Pelt DL, Nick Parisotto DB

The Cats 2017 draft picks that are still with the team : Connor McGough DL , Kay Okafor OL/DL, Justin Vaughn DL, Brett Golding OL , Sean Thomas-Erlington RB.

So we drafted 16 players in 2 years and 11 have “stuck around”. That’s a pretty good success rate.

If you look at major league baseball, the draft is a total crapshoot with few players/no players making big league rosters out of the draft in their first year. NHL draft picks usually take years to make the bigs. NFL first round draft picks may start in the first year but not usually .

Teams that draft well usually do well. Canadian kids playing NCAA and U Football at home, number in the 100s. If the ratio is to be changed, then let’s increase the number of Canadian roster spots in the CFL. I’d take a Nathan Rourke over a Johnny Manziel, any day of the week! :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

x 2

In fairness though all the players you have listed one starts Cirraco (I think he was rushed into this role out of necessity) and one other is a solid contributor in Erlington.

I get as excited about the CFL draft as anyone but it rarely moves the needle in the short term.

Nathan Rourke…now that is a different discussion

Cirraco wasn’t rushed. He outplayed veteran players Rice and Girard in the preseason. He earned the starting RG spot.

WELL, we should have had Eastern All Star Bomben in that spot IMO but another arguement for another day.

Who was that American-Canadian fellow we drafted with the pick we got for Bomben? Someone should start a thread on that fellow.