A CFL league office update on the season would be great

With teams signing and re-working contracts they must have some kind of plan and back up plan in place, It would be nice to hear something from the League. just say'n.

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Just my personal opinion: I'm not sure if there's much to update this month - there's a schedule that signals our intention to play a full 18-game season; if we have to pivot or make modifications, that'll come as new information and the situation develops.

Aside from the slow trickle of vaccinations happening in December there's not enough material change to warrant a new press statement.

Good point,

I would concur with Sully, the league released a schedule starting the regular season on June 10. All signings and coaching staffing being finalized signals that intent.

If they can't start up by that date it's too early to know to determine this right now.

Do they have a back up plan they could share? I think the closer reality is they have many back up plans and what can be done depends on what health officials allow them to do plus likely a revised negotiation with the PA.

Long story short....they're starting in June.

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read ti-cat board.

I posted directly what I was advised from the Cats ticketing staff, and how they are planning for home opener.

With all the talk of being transparent from the league office (the lame commissioner) its not surprising there's no news or updates for the "REAL CFL FANS"......with the exception of the forced continued nonsense CFL 2.0............Why?

What kind of update are you looking for right now? There is already a schedule out, it's possible to buy season tickets for those who haven't. Coaching staffs are coming together as will be rosters soon.

Read the article on 3Downmation ........ that says it all !
Save you money before committing to season tickets

Which article?..though I prefer to look at something more mainstream than clickbaitville

How about an updated list of the top 20 (or maybe 30 if NCAA Juniors are drafted again) for the 2021 CFL College draft. That would be interesting news.

I think they are doing minimalistic bean counter adjustments that really do nothing but keep the league surviving . That is obviously a requirement to keep the league afloat or it folds .

I expect that part .

However if they are wasting their time by not radically making adjustments that get more Canadians playing our unique version easier to play , cheaper , safer , faster and entertaining they wasted a golden opportunity .

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call your season ticket rep, they'll give you their opening plans.

if you aren't a season ticket holder, well then, you can wait with the rest of the plebs :slight_smile:

Looking forward to two bubbles: one west and one east in 2021.

I also think that if the CFLPA pushed for a higher Canadian ratio like it used to be, that could also get some government stimulus money to help Canadians get back to work. Just a weird thought. Unfortunately they missed that boat back in May so that’s a non issue for 2 1/2 more years.

Yes the CFL for sure needs to make adjustments now the TSN/NFL is marketing the Canadian's playing in the southern league very well .

That is being absorbed by young and old alike . How do they combat with a roster filled in with mostly Americans in first string positions .

If we can't play the game ourselves worthy of watching they miss the boat to the CFL's achilles heal to ever moving the CFL past survival .

Changes in the game itself are needed to enhance more participation at all levels . Then fill the roster with a more unique version that can field more of our own .

The need for the CFL to change is never more urgent considering the idea everywhere is to press reset .

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