A CFL Coach offers me some perspective...

I was at an event today that gave me a chance to speak with Pinball Clemons.

He saw my Box J Boy hat and smiled and said "We'll see you next week."

I said "Coach" what do you think of all of this, we're a great team and we love our Cats, what happens to a team for this to occur.

The coach looked at me with a very serious face and said, to me (I'm paraphrasing) when everything works it is relativley easy to keep the engine rolling. It's a totally different thing when you loose that momentum.

Then Coach Clemons continued and said he knows there's alot of talent on the Ticats and that it just takes a few things to happen and a little bit of luck for that negative momentum to change in the right direction.

Valuable words from a Coach and man I respect.

To the players I know know you can pick your selves up and play like hell on Monday. It is on that day more then any other this season that the ghosts of Ticat's past will be playing beside you.

Go Cat's GO!

coach clements can say whatever he wants, the fact is he doesnt live in hamilton and has to deal with all of this nonsense, he has no idea how the ticats situation is, he needs to mind his own business.

Get working on your 24 hour challenge playmaker, it'll be difficult for you.

your comments on the Tiger Cats are not appreciated, and your idiot thoughts on Pinball simply immure you deeper in the mud...

You've got less than 23 hours to come up with a replacement interior DL for Belli to nominate, that is Cdn or non-import, immediately available, a firfor the team and the Region, and revenue neutral for the team...stick to this simple task before you froth off at the mouth about anything else.

Or accept that you are discreditted, and an uninformed loudmouth of no rating or ranking, as you cannot come up with "solutions" as opposed your wild mouthed ravings...we get enough of that without you adding to it..

Sorry, Jane, for disrupting your thread!

For such a big fan you think you would know how to spell Mike Clemons name, unless there is a Pinball Clements I don’t know. You thread sounds too fake, sorry.

Uhh, he's minding his own business very well, playmaker88. What did you want him to say to Jare "I'm sorry that's none of my business" It's true that a little confidence goes a long way.

Thanks for that tidbit, Jare. I wanted to go to the corn roast today but my friend couldn't go at the last minute and it was a long drive from Oakville. Did the weather co-operate up there?

And your post sounds fake because you can't spell 'your'. Sorry but that's easier than Clemons.

Holy crap you guys are all getting way too critical. Please disregard them Jare. Did most of the players show up this year?

Mr. Clemons can always turn poop into gold. This is why he is held in such high esteem but almost everyone, including myself. Jason's fumble in the first 5 minutes sure got the momentum rolling the wrong way. That is surely the trouble during a losing streak in any sport, it takes so much less for the wheels to fall off.

The corn roast was very well attended with over 400 people. The food was great, the music by the Hip Kings kept the joint jumping and Clemons, Prefontaine, Palmer, Folk, St. John, Smith, Steinanuer, Landry, Eiben, Miles, Ivory and several others came by.

The great thing is alot of money was raised for charity, the weather cleared up for a great day, and it was great to be able to help.

Thanks for the supportive posts, but there is no need, there are alot of frustrated fans, who see no easy answers.

Regarding my typo, just goes to show you, that I should really proof read your stuff, especially when I'm tired.

To those who question my integrity, I say to you...the people who know me know I'm a man of my word. To those who don't... get to know me, you'll see...lol and in the immortal words of Forrest Gump "And that's all I have to say about that."

The words of Pinball gave myself and possibly some of you perspective on this situation. For the rest of you who graciously spell checked my typing, thank you for your concern of my phonemic and grammatical accuracy and please let me know if you would ever like me to review your work.

Labour Day is going to be fun!

you still never gave us a definite answer as to why this team is horrible.

p.s.- did any of the argos get drunk?


What a jerk! Can't the mods do something about this guy? Just so there is no confusion, I am obviously referring to 88. Maybe when he is back at school we can have some intelligent conversations on this site.