a cfl channel?

Order on demand ,was tried and it bombed, but that was in the CFL'S dark days.

I was taking about some NFL fans that I know...........If we all stayed at home and watched CFL games on the CBC for free, there would be no CFL.RIGHT?

The CFL is a gate driven league.

And there is a difference between a fan who has been a season ticket holder and some one who has never paid a dime to see a game live.Don't you think? :wink:

But it is on TSN and it is more popular than hockey, even.HOW SAD.

Nope - I still disagree, hellothere. I don't attend every game for a host of reasons, but I go to what I can. I do know, however, diehard fans who are dead broke, and who live too far away (six hours or more) from Regina to get there anyways. They've seldom gone to a game, but they watch on TV whenever the chances arise. They are no less fans than I am, when I don't hold season tickets, nor are they less of a fan than those people who are season ticket holders. I think there is NO difference whatsoever.

Maybe the ratings are high for the commentator-less games for a few other possible reasons: Curiosity and the abscence of really poor commentary come to mind. Maybe Walby and company drive more people insane than what we know. I like the suggestions I've heard about having no commentary versions of the broadcasts available on the SAP mode on the TV's.

That is your opinion, mine is different.And I was taking about some NFL fans that I know,any way.You don't have to have seasons tickets to be a fan, that was an example.Polls have shown that some people won't pay anything to see some games.And there is a diffence between some who wants to go but can't and some one who will only watch it, if it is free.

I have to disagree with some of you nay sayers. Most current specialty channels now on draw flies and are loosing mega $. But, because they are owned by the big companies that have other channels, it is considered a loss leader. I think a CFL specialty channel would work big time. There are plenty of archives games going back to black and white days on TV. It could keep the CFL active 24/7 all year round.

By the way, I know I am totally off-topic here, but for the first time in my life, I watched poker on TV this week. I was curious to see how bad it would be, because I heard so many people whine about that in here before.

To my surprise, I totally understood why anyone would watch such a show. The pot was like 35 000$ on each turn. Guys were going for it with a pair of 10. I though it was plain crazy to risk wasting that much money on a game of cards. When I play poker with my buddies, we use quarters, and start to get nervous when the pot is around 20$. lol...

The funniest part of the show is when a guy goes for it with a losing hand (you know it is, because you see everyone's hand). So that guy is soooo confident that he's in charge that he pisses money on the table like its lint he's getting out of his pockets. And on the couch, you can't help but think: "Go on sucker! Add some more on the table. It's just about to blow in your face!"

Ahh... that was funny... But that being said, I totally agree that it shouldn't be broadcasted on any sports network. It is funny, but it's definately not a sport. I watched it on some network called "Razer"... ressemble Spike TV....

Agreed - I don’t mind watching it, but I don’t think it belongs on a sports network. I find myself laughing that some stupid bugger is going to lose everything when I know better. Hehe. . .

Rogers , lost it's shirt this year with NO hockey with their sports package.

I have bought CFL shit , so I have done my part to support this league.


I don't mind them showing it, but the fact that I have ESPN at my college and they don't show any CFL but they show that shit, REALLY FUCK ING PISSES ME OFF!!!!

even worst, I get this NFL channel, AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! :cry:

... but they got it back with the CFL. :smiley: 8)

You are right third and ten...you are totally off topic...

I think 4 games a week is perfect considering the nfl has tons of games but you have to pay hundreds of dollars to see them by buying NFL Sunday ticket, and how many of those games are really worth watching when you know a team will be in the basement all year?

Sumo wrestlers (Rikishi) in football?? Well it's been done the other way around.

Yokozuna Musashimaru and Yokozuna Akebono were both football players in Hawaii before going to Japan and mopping up on the Doyo.

What about hockey?? Maybe the Flames could stick one between the pipes eh?

You'd never score. I wonder what the rules would say about that? Probably something about equipment not fitting.

Omoshiroi desu ne?

I totally agree!! That's what I was subjected to watching this past weekend over the voiceless CBC broadcast of a CFL game! Unfortunately the term "sport" in the dictionary states..."pastime; merriment; one prepared to take a risk, amuse onself,take part in a game. It doesn't say anything about... athletisism, endurance, strength, stamina. But then Webster's been dead for a long time too.