a cfl channel?

just sitting at the computer surfing the net and flipping the channels between the ESPN classic broadcast of the Ottawa RR's Vs Ticats from '88 and the NFL channel. Have to admit it, the NFL is the master of marketing with their big glossy channel and war-march anthems. What I want to see is a CFL channel! I have NFL channel, NHL channel, Raptors channel, damn, even a WWE channel is coming, is there ever any serious talk about a 24H CFL channel coming to digital cable? or is the possibilities about as remote as the CFL videogame thats always talked about but never arriving? you guys would watch, no?

Also I never thought i'd say this, but I miss last year's cfl show (I forget what it was called, CFL jam or something?). It had Namgueni and super annoying Cabbie as the hosts, but the best part was the mega hyper Gizmo Williams throwin' the rules down once a show, damn was he going! I also liked the way they featured one team each week. CFL snap this year on the score just aint the same. last year's show on sportsnet was the first show in a long time to actually try to tap into the youth market (and urban market) for the CFL and I thought it was a great step, anyone know why its no more? thanks.

I think a CFL channel would be great however I think it would be somewhat lacking for the following reasons:

  • the CFL does not have the money that the NFL (network) has
  • there are not enough documentaries on file for filler
  • the NFL clips or documentary shows have lots of money put into them: editting, high priced commentator, etc., I don't know if anyone in Canada has the money to begin producing 'legendary documentaries'

What would be nice though is that if a CFL network did exist, possibly it could be more of a Canadain Football network rather than just a CFL network. This would open up the opportunity to bring in more money from the other stories: Canadian College, Canadian Junior, spotlights on players wherever they play NCAA, Europe, NFL, Arena.

So I do think there may be a way to broadcast Canadian football stories, however the CFL just by itself may not fly.

i would hate the idea of a CFL channel....there's just not enough content to make it worth subscribing to. theres only 4 games a week.

CFL Network is a good idea

It would be great , probably the only specialty channel to make money is the WWE channel.

The only way Rogers makes money is buy putting many sports together.
The NFL channal is not a big seller and when hockey was off......Rogers took a bath.

People say they like sports , and that is O.K. , but paying to watch them is another matter.

It is like some NFL fans that I know, they bet on games have a shirt but have never , ever paid to see a game in their life, or they say " I went to a BILLS game 1 time , the NFL ROCKS. "

Watching a sport on T.V. for free doesn't really make you a fan.

Disagree, hellothere - completely disagree. Just because I might watch sports for free doesn't mean I am any less of a fan. That was a ridiculous thing to say, in my opinion.

Yup. Being a fan is taking the time to follow all that happen to the team/league you love. You don't spend three hours in front of the TV watching something you don't like just because its free.

All of the Alouettes games are noted in my scheduler and I won't book anything else at these moments, unless it's something crucialy important. Beside, I don't feel any less of a fan when I watch the game on TV than when I go to Molson-Percival.

And, by the way, if you watch the games on TSN or RDS, then you somehow paid to watch because it isn't free TV.

Not to mention, not everyone has money to spend on entertainment. If you are on a very thight budget, and all you can see are the games on CBC, this doesn't make you less of a fan. Your love of the game does.

I'm not sure a CFL channel would work but fans are fans as long as they watch some games. I even think you could say someone is a fan of a certain league if they bash the league but watch games, this is what the ratings are all about, numbers of people watching. Now, I have to admit, there are different types of fans, quality of fans etc. That is a different issue altogether.

The wwe channel is a ondemand channel.This is soemthing the cfl could do have classic games right there.

HT I watched only one game of CFL (Montreal/Hamilton) last year and was hocked. Iam I any less of a CFL fan for not see a live game?

WWE is not a sport, so don't even mention it in this thread. It is only a soap opera for kids.

That’s ture, WWE sucks!

You mean it’s not real??? :shock: :shock: :shock:

I was wondering why it wasn’t included in the sports section of my newspaper.


CFL channel would be nice, but not practical. As some one said earlier, we’re just to small to make it work.

it’s real in that they hurt eachother and themselevs (by making them bleed form the head), but it’s all rehust and stupid.

Unlike Sumo Weasuling.

I Don’t Have TSN, Not Because I Can’t Afford It But Because, Like All Ex-Rodgers Employees, I Hate Rodgers And Refuse To Support Anything Tied To His Name. This Doen’t Mean That I Support The CFL Any Less, Actually Because Of This I’m More Likley To Attend Games, I’ve Listened To All The Argo Games That I Haven’t Been To On The Radio, Plus I Never Miss A Saterday Night On CBC, As Well I’ve Listened To A number Of Games On Internet Radio. So You See, You Can Still Be A Hardcore Fan Without Cable.

I Don’t Understand Why We Don’t See More Sumo Wrestilers In Both The CFL And nFL, Seems To Me That They’d Be Perfect To Have On The Line. They’ve Got Quick Feet And Are Faster And Bigger Then Most Players In Either League.

You do see Sumo like guys in the NFL! :lol:

but not in the CFL, cuz a player like that would drop dead after a game. Heck, they already drop like fies in the NFL as it is!

Bamboo, if you don’t like Rodgers…get a Bell Expressvue Dish…Best thing I ever invested in. Lots of good things and choices!

I doubt any Canadian network (Rogers, Bell, CHUM, whatever) could justify a CFL Channel, as I'm just not sure there would be enough interest/ratings to make it work.

That said, if certain games - that would be otherwise blacked out or not televised - would be made available on the channel, it could work. Or perhaps you incorporate a pay-per-view element to the channel. And as a 'Gades fan, I know I would've paid $5-8/game to watch any of the three games that went untelevised recently.

A CFL Channel would be a great way to replay games from the previous week. I often want to re-watch a game after attending live, but neither TSN nor CBC replay games - at least not with any regularity.

The American Hockey League will be streaming EVERY ONE of its games online this season. They use the in-arena video, along with the local radio broadcast. I tried it last year during the playoffs so that I could watch the Binghamton Sens, and it was a decent product. Maybe that is an option for the CFL to consider.

I'm all for it, if it can work, and I'd be willing to pay for otherwise unavailable games - be it PPV TV or online.

American Channels do reply games. IS THE AHL REALLY DOINF THAT??? AWESOME!!! NOW I CAN SEE THE MOOSE!!!


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