À cause de Calvillo, Popp n'aurait pas cherché de relève?

Quelqu'un peut-il me confirmer que ce qui en caractères gras est le moindrement vrai?

"Le score de 40 a 0 était exprimé de facon sarcastique évidemment.... mais de facon réaliste je dirais avoir vu Calvillo rester dans la partie avec 30 points d'avance au dernier quart et ce plus d'une fois. Tout le monde savait qu'il ne voulait a aucun prix céder sa place.... peu importe les circonstances.... Pierre Vercheval s'est souvent posé la question a la télé .... a savoir pourquoi le coach ne relevait jamais Calvillo. Si on avait voulu faire jouer un autre quart ..... préparer sa releve ....… Calvillo aurait été jouer ailleurs. Popp savait tres bien ca. Popp est trop brillant pour ne pas avoir pensé a la releve de Calvillo mais il avait les mains liées. Ce n'est pas Popp ni meme le propriétaire qui décidait de l'utilisation de Calvillo mais lui meme et personne d'autre. Calvillo n'a jamais pensé a son équipe. il ne pensait qu'a ses records personnels. Sa releve il s'en foutait completement. Je me souviens de la journée ou il a été blessé ... Le jeune Josh etait assis a coté de Calvillo et il lui parlait. Calvillo ne le regardait meme pas se contentant de hocher la tete en regardant ailleurs. La caméra était en gros plan sur les deux quarts. Les Alouettes vont connaitre au moins 3 saisons de misere avant de former un jeune quart qui leur permettra de gagner. Et personnellement j'aurai au cours de ces 3 saisons une pensée pour Calvillo."

I don't know what would-be football writer wrote this piece and I don't know the complete context. Obviously, he wasn't at the game, nor on the sidelines, and he was commenting strictly from what he saw on the TV screen; not the most reliable source of information.

On the other hand, and I promised not to re-visit this topic too much, I also wonder why the organization didn't start grooming AC's replacement. Even though he was still playing at an elite level, it was obvious to all and sundry that his days were definitely numbered and just one bad injury could spell the end of his career. Under that scenario, the Als would be in scramble mode to find a suitable QB.

I know many posters would not agree with a 2-QB system, but these have worked in the past; the Moon-Wilkinson duo comes immediately to mind and it's hard to argue with 5 successive GCs. I am suggesting that the backup could have been allowed to enter games or even start a few. This, at least, could have given the backup the needed on-field experience. Now, this is not to be construed as an apologetic for Adrian MacPherson. I am simply suggesting that AC's replacement, whoever that may have been, be given some meaningful game experience.

By not doing so, we faced the nightmare scenario this season, i.e. sending in someone while the bullets were flying and have to learn his trade under the most difficult of circumstances. Football really depends on a good field general - the QB - which is arguably the most difficult position to play. I am confident that the Als will ultimately find that QB, but it could be someone completely different from the QBs currently on the roster. To be sure, finding good players is a skill, but it is also a bit of a crapshoot. No matter what the stats say about a player coming in, the bottom line is: "what can you do for me today?"

All of that said, I hope Smith finds success on Saturday, or if not, that either of the backups will be able to pick up the slack.

Well there are many reasons why things are the way they are. The SMS for one makes it difficult when you have a franchise quarterback. Luckily for us AC was very durable compared to Ray, Lulay and many others. Then you have the issue that no QB with the aspiration to start would have wanted anything to do with backing up AC. Also you have the issue that as you get in your thirties the mental grind that a QB puts himself through to keep competitive probably would have been unachievable for AC if he had to share the wealth.

Jim always said and with full confidence that he would cross that bridge when he got there and there is no reason with his accomplishments that he can't do that.

As for AC I am really grateful for the way he conducted himself throughout his career. His job was to be a QB and an ambassador for the Alouettes and the CFL and he did a marvelous job.

Why are we back to mudslinging AC? Seriously, can't we just accept that the physical grind of a 20-year pro career has finally caught up to him without insinuating that he's some sort of selfish, malevolent tyrant? I see no evidence to back up any of the unnamed writer's accusations, just innuendo, as if he's some sort of old-school physionomist who can use body language as a portal into AC's brain. I posted a comment from Troy Smith last week where he says that AC has done nothing but be supportive with "open arms" about any question Smith has about the game or the offense. That is Troy Smith talking, not some hack journalist looking to create a story out of nothing.

Let's lay this ghost to rest. PLEASE. AC is done as a player. We can all agree on that. But there is no need to drag his reputation through the mud.

Absolument et c'est justement le point. Je ne voyais aucun indice que les prétentions de ce provocateur idiot pouvaient avoir un quart d'once de réalité. Mais en même temps, je me disais qu'il y avait peut être des choses que je ne connaissais pas à ce sujet, et que les observateurs éclairés que vous êtes pourraient me sortir quelque chose qui puisse laisser à ces propos un semblant de minimum de véracité.

J'ai répondu au radoteur en question en tournant un peu ses prétentions en bourrique, mais je me demandais s'il y avait quelque chose pour me le faire remettre. Je suis rassuré de constater que le sombre portrait qu'il fait de Calvillo sonne aussi faux ici que sur le forum où il a été fait.

Il y a une raison pourquoi tu nous vois pas dans la section de commentaires de RDS... A part quelques exceptions comme toi. C'est pas mal le territoire de "douchebags" ignorants. :cowboy:

A quoi ça sert? Calvillo a connu une brillante carrière et les Alouettes ont gagné sous lui et plusieurs autres bons joueurs avec lui. Laissons-le passé et regardons le présent et vers l'avenir. Toujours plus facile de critiquer après les faits. Nous pourrions en parler/en discuter pendant des heures, voire des jours, et ça ne changera rien.

Pour moi, l'ère Calvillo est du passé.


[i]Ben quel idiot a écrit ça?

It looks like Senior ah me can write in french! It sounds exactly like him :roll: [/i]

Yup, that's the truth!

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I agree with the post stressing a need to develop a sound back up QB. It seems that Smith will be number one and, I like Marsh. He, I believe, is a more athletic parson that Neiswander and showed his strength in both the run and pass games. I liked the testament of his American coach who spoke well of his personality and, his ability to learn which would be essential. Whatever, more QBs might come and go. Whomever becomes a backup I do hope the coaching staff will build in developmental time and, avoid another McPherson debacle. Hamilton, Calgary, Toronto and BC have all demonstrated the worth of providing a backup with opportunity to get game reps during the season.

Wow! Amateur d'Offenbach, en plus!

As Austin demonstrated today today, having a good second string ( and a third string ) is required.Burris was not effective today. The insertion of LeFevour and Masoli was a superior move by Austin. The Als were unable to cope with the TiCat offense in the second half. The second halt turnaround featuring these two QBs running and short passing skills kept the Als blitz from doing their usual damage and, allowed the TiCats offensively to take control of the game.

I don't think we "couldn't cope." We turned the ball over a bazillion times and the offense could not manage more than 17 points. That's why we lost.

The Als were not beaten by the Tiger-Cats offence; the Als did beat themselves,most particularly by plays or lack of it by their special teams.


A heavy wet ball that was easyier to tip, lack of concentration by Carter who needs to buckle down and act like a pro. But Pippin and Gandalf really did us in. Gandalf's stubbornness today really cost us.

This game was very sloppy by the Als. I think their penalty yardage must have been huge.