A Canadian in Las Vegas needs help!

There is a Canadian presently in Las Vegas want's to know how he can watch the Alouettes-Bombers game in the internet? Can somebody tell the entire possibles solutions internet or not?

Check out the TSN.CA web site. Both of todays games will have a live video stream available

is there no tsn in the states?

also try ESPN 360

Check with the sport books in the casinos. I'm sure some of them will be carrying the games tonight on their big screens.


If you can't watch the TV broadcasts,
just do like I do in Philadelphia--

Listen live to the teams' local
RADIO broadcasts through their websites.

Bombers - www.cjob.com
Als - www.cjad.com (English)
Als - www.ckac.com (French)

I don't think the TSN streams work in the US.