A Call for Effective Community Ownership

FYI: Here is the Winnipeg Enterprises Corporation Incorporation Act, the "rules of the game" that govern this whole community ownership concept. Check it out.


"Sold in principle?" The land is worth a heck of a lot more than that due to, as you say, development potential. Show me something on paper & then we'll talk.

What do people dispute?

  1. When real estate prices took off in Winnipeg and the area near Polo Park, the Bombers suddenly had a parcel of prime real estate that could have been sold and used towards building a new stadium. TRUE OR FALSE?
  2. Staying at Maroons Rd. was a stupid business move because a new stadium open 365 days a year would have brought in much more money each year for the club. TRUE OR FALSE?
  3. The Blue Bombers do not require David Asper to relocate and build a new stadium. TRUE OR FALSE?
  4. Given that the citizens of Winnipeg own this team, the Board of Directors had no right to entertain selling the club without consulting us, the fans. TRUE OR FALSE?
  5. Given that no one on the BoD opposed David Asper's letter of intent to purchase the club, they are acting on their own behalf, with many positioned to make much higher salaries if the Asper deal goes through. TRUE OR FALSE?
  6. The current BoD are caught in a conflict of interest situation, and consequently, the current BoD should be immediately dissolved as per the Winnipeg Enterprises Corporation Incorporation Act. (In other words, this deal ain't Kosher) TRUE OR FALSE?
  7. Regardless of who owns the football club, should a domed stadium be built, the club will make more than enough money to fully fund a successful football operation. TRUE OR FALSE?
  8. David Asper stands to make a lot of money from this deal, money that could and should made for us the citizens of Winnipeg. TRUE OR FALSE?
  9. The Bombers are in the process of being sold from under our noses like a naive runaway on a street corner. TRUE OR FALSE?
  10. No one has stepped up to save this community owned team from the clutches of private ownership. TRUE OR FALSE?
  11. Winnipeggers don't care that this team is currently devoid of leadership, and are tanking the season under do-nothing CEO and President, Lyle Bauer. TRUE OR FALSE?
  12. Doug Berry is an abusive incompetent coach and his sidekick Kit Cartwright has a history of not being able to effectively utilize talent. Petition Improve the Butler Football Program In the last 17 regular season games, both have combined for a dismal 4-12 record when Cartwright was acting as OC (Kevin Glenn called his own plays last game). TRUE OR FALSE?
  13. The Bombers won their playoff games last season by sheer determination, and lost the Grey Cup b/c of incompetent coaching and Berry and Cartwright deserved to be fired the Monday after the Grey Cup. TRUE OR FALSE?
  14. Lyle Bauer is softening up this team for a hostile takeover bid by David Asper. TRUE OR FALSE?

Maybe Bomber fans are so used to losing that they enjoy being punked by Asper. Winnipeg has always had an inferiority complex and deep down don't believe that they can be successful at anything unless a "white knight" like David Asper comes along and does it for them. Maybe that's what this is about.

At least Canad-Inns was willing to let the city keep the Bombers.

[url=http://www.winnipegfirst.ca/article/2007/04/09/bombers_should_keep_team_ledohowski]http://www.winnipegfirst.ca/article/200 ... ledohowski[/url]

Maybe Bomber fans are such sticks in the mud that they can' t agree on anything, and need a single-minded person like David Asper to get things done in this city. Maybe living on the prairies turns people into cowards, afraid to stand up and be counted, preferring to play it safe and let others be movers and shakers. Maybe that's why Winnipeg has had all its best and brightest leave town. Maybe this is Loserpeg, a city that was too stupid, lazy and cheap to keep the Jets from leaving town.

Maybe Winnipeggers don't like it on top and enjoy getting the screw.

Do what you want. Sign the petition or don't sign. My conscience is clear.

…i’ll answer no 3 real quick /false/ and then ask you a question???..where are you going to get the kind of dollars required to build a ‘decent’ stadium of any kind…without investment coming from a person like Asper in conjuntion with govt. funding…my answer/// no-where…unless you have some kind of magic money pot stashed somewhere…HUGE DOLLARS ARE REQUIRED…what you have come-up with monetarily is a stretch and pie in the sky…

Also in closing i would suggest to you ,trueblue 08, that labelling your city as a loser and the people in it as such,because they don’t agree with your stance, will receive the obvious response :thdn: …Maybe you would be better off living in Toranna…the centre of the universe, where all of the movers and shakers live…lol

So to answer the truth, validity would suggest the course of a 'never' alone social also coincides with a viable private ownership group. Those are the 'pro-bauer/asper' advocates. I cannot say I dispute your views, whatsoever.

However, when my better experience is dismissed for that tiny shadow who is lyle bauer, mine gets a badge for parody as innuendo in spite of opportunity.

Rather convenient of both zoo' or the now absentia pigseye. . . who's rolled over and played dead so to speak.

I mean get off the high horse already.

I thought I seen piggy standing outside the Bomber office. It seems that he was cooking up some of those famous hotdogs for Bauer and the Board of Directors.

Yeah. I call it, let's collect these words for my judgment. I doubt it. It's more along the lines of wishful thinking.

You forgot to mention our dirt bag media types along with some would say, upstanding WPG citzens ( NOT ) threw a party for Bauer. This is enough to say we have a lot of garbage residing in this town.

Which helps explain Bauer's brilliant marketing strategies?? Give me a break!!OL The BoD's have their heads so far up their collective rears it's savage how brain-washed they've become to Bauer. Sickening for obvious reasons to say the least. Enough is enough.

Papa you might as well give up the arguement with these two as you only provide bighead with more reason to write his senseless dribble that most people including myself can not figure out what he is trying to say. Compensating for something small? While were Bauer bashing let me ask these questions. How much in debt was the franchise before Bauer came on board? How much in debt are they now? How does Bauer equate to the on field performance when he does not recruit or coach the players? Exactly what has Bauer done to destroy this team?

Bauer does not care about fans or performance of team. He said he would not make any changes such as firing Taman. As team president he refuses to fix issues and is happy with team record. shadow you should be smart enough to understand this,maybe you are not. If someone does a good job many years past. it does not mean he has job for life.

If what I say included most people, I think we'd have a much better football team actually. Who'd have thought, eh.

Even pigs need to take a holiday bigco.

Fully refreshed and once again ready to rumble, just like our Bombers I hope.

Another excellent post by the shadow.

A discussion can only be taken so far. Once all the facts have been laid out, it's them up to the people to decide for themselves what is real and not just slander.

What I see on here is a disgruntled mob, moreso by the teams performance than anything else, who blame Bauer and the BOD for maintaining the status quo with the team. Yet in the same breath, they want Bauer and the same BOD to maintain the status quo when it comes to the long term viability of the team ? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Pappa and I rarely see eye to eye on anything outside of football, because our political views diverge, but when it comes to the future of our football team, we are as united as two can be.

It's not just Bauer and the BOD who think a public private partnership is the way to go. It's our political leaders as well, Doer on the left and Katz and Toews on the right. How can two diverse political ideologies agree ? Because it is the right thing to do for the best interests of everyone involved, from the team to the tax payer.

So I guess that means the Bauer has made a choice to ignore the community ownership model in doing so.

Here's another thing pig, if you are preaching to be a blindman hopping on one leg I suppose Bauer will be really happy you're deciding to weigh anchor. Instead Bauer commands a ship that no one wants, but creates an illusion that the stadium issue is within sight.

Think about it.

  • This way Asper makes a collective amount of bidding in the process.

  • Bauer is taking a unilateral condition which this marketing campaign acts as the focus.

  • As team president Bauer has projected this to the fans in a mere effort to sway us, but the political ideologies are skewed to say the least.

blame Bauer and the BOD for maintaining the status quo with the team. Yet in the same breath, they want Bauer and the same BOD to maintain the status quo when it comes to the long term viability of the team ?
I completely agree with you. Well said.

Don't worry. Now that this season has finally tanked on Labour Day like Lyle Bauer planned, the Asper takeover bid will go unopposed as Bomber fans look for a savior to resurrect this dying team.

Unfortunately for Bomber fans, their misery is only beginning. Darth Bauer was greased by Asper for tanking the 2008 season and will take his place at the Emperor Asper's side as lapdog/GM.

The next few years in Bomberland will make the Gliebermans in Ottawa look like professionals. The Bombers will get the team they deserve, one way or another.

Well said TrueBlue. Maybe we can get both Piggy and Pappa to get their heads out of the garbage can. And finally see the light. The Bombers will get exactly what they deserve with Asper, Bauer, Taman. More of the same of what we have seen this year. Poor team performance,Incompetance, Mis Management, and arrogance.

I think you guys are wrong about Asper. Remember the Sask game in Wpg when Daily was coach ? The Bombers could have tied the game with a field goal but threw a pass over the middle that was picked and lost the game.

Remember, then board member Asper, rushing the side lines, trying to get to Daily, and Bauer having to hold him back. Remember Asper then being asked to resign his position on the board.

I think Asper is the kind of passionate owner this team needs. I don't think he would be satisfied with incompetence from anyone, players, coaches, presidents alike.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think he is the kind of owner who will clean house and cut dead weight, which appears to be what we all agree is really needed with the team.

In other words what pigseye cares to illustrate re; Aspser, is about a man who sits on the couch somewhere in his Tuxedo home. He’s watching the Price is Right, in an imaginary episode while yelling with Bob Barker, because the plinko chip isn’t going where it’s supposed to.

Actually, that has Asper written all over it, along with managment, the coaching staff can’t even get the wheel spinning.

*Another plinko chip falls.

Asper is the kind of person who can't restrain his behaviour. We know that from his past sexual harrassement case. Passionate is not the word to describe him. Behaviour would be more accurate. What Bauer did was damage control at the time. He wanted to spare the club of the unneeded embrassement of having a board member ( Asper ) arrested and thrown in jail. Also he was protecting his friend. His resignation would be what would be expected of any board member who behaved in this manner regardless of the business. Some people relish in the publicity. Asper won't clean anything up as he is not a football genius as some of you think. His stooges Taman and Bauer will have jobs for life.

Like I said, the Asper ‘family’ will make the Gliebermans in Ottawa look like professionals. I think Canwest Global shares are tanking too, aren’t they.

David is not his father’s son, if you know what I mean. Izzy is probably spinning in his grave. :lol: :lol: :lol:

While the prospect of an Asper circus coming to Winnipeg seems imminent, it’s not inevitable. There’s still time to stop this madness. Maybe Canad-Inns will recognize the opportunity and make another pitch for a stadium around a community-owned team.

If you don’t sign this petition or one like it, you’ll have no one to blame for this but yourselves b/c you didn’t try to stop it. At least I’m trying :cry: