With the new coach saying Calvillo is his man, and now that his wife is doing good, with the signing of new receivers, do you think the old Calvillo will be back this season?

Last season he wasn't as bad as everyone tried to make him be, but he didn't play like a former Most Outstanding player. I don't believe you can have a good season, then just not be good anymore. Normally, if you're washed up, you're success starts to go down slowly. Calvillo and the O-Line had nothing like that. The O-Line went from being the best in the CFL, then the next, worst.

I really hope the Offensive Line can get it back together this season. Give him some time, instead of him having to rush the throw. The only thing that A.C bothered me last season, was how he held onto the ball and got sacked, but again, he needs a lot more time, and I would say half of the near 80 sacks he took last season, were due to him holding on a little too long.

Also, one big thing, they signed NEW receivers. I think very talented receivers. Hopefully, Anthony will get some confidence in them early. Last season, I don't think he had confidence in them, since they let him out to dry often, except of course Cahoon.

And finally, with Trestman as a mastermind offensive coach, I hope to see some creative, whacky plays that work.

Time will tell I guess. Do you think he's gonna be better than last season? Or the same. Or, worse :roll:

Hard to say. What I really like, however, are two things:

  1. We are better situated in terms of backup QBs than we have been in recent memory. If AC falters or gets hurt and misses considerable time, we won't be as bad off as we used to be in the days of Danny Gonzalez and Ted White. Now we have Brady and Harris, so we are covered in that eventuality.

  2. I really liked what Trestman had to say in the conference call (which, if you will note, Herb was at pains to say it was a "league-mandated" call...get over it already). Trestman identified (to my mind correctly) our two main problems last year as being the two lines; too many sacks given up by the O line and not enough sacks recorded by the D line. Recognizing the problem is one thing, solving it another, but at least our rookie head coach has successfully completed the first step and accurately focused on what needs to be remedied. So, I am encouraged.

And I do agree that we might have a more creative offence this year, I really hope he thinks out of box and brings in something to confuse opposing defences, something we sure didn't see last year, we were way too predictable on offence.